The most beautiful makeup for New Year’s Eve 2022

When the gifts are bought and wrapped, all that remains is to take care of yourself. After finding the new year dress ideal and the New Year’s Eve hairstyle perfect, it’s high time to think about her makeup. If on Christmas Eve, we opt for a light make-up using our nude palette favorite, on New Year’s Eve we dare a more elaborate make-up. Some opt for a daring red lip that will awaken their winter complexion, others focus on their eyes. A neon eyeliner, a glittery smoky eyeliner, a two-tone cat-eye… It’s time to follow the trends of 2022 to the letter to impress your guests.

Glitter makeup: a New Year’s Eve classic

Fashions come and go. But despite the jungle of beauty trends, some manage to defy the laws of time and become timeless. Among them, the glitter makeup. A New Year’s Eve basic, this evening make-up, easy to achieve, saves us from inspiration breakdowns. Whether the sequins land on our lips for a glossy mouth, on our eyelashes with a golden mascara or even on our eyelids with an iridescent shadow, they always have their little effect. Because if some prefer to put glitter in their hair, the most adventurous beautistas dare the total glitter look. Be careful, however, it is better to go in small steps to avoid the disco ball effect. Less is more!

Discover 40 New Year’s Eve makeup ideas to shine all night long

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