The most beautiful Dia De Los Muertos makeup

Updated on October 19, 2022 at 10:49 am

15 Dia De Los Muertos makeup looks to copy – © Pinterest

We see it everywhere but we do not master it yet. Here are the good ideas to reproduce the famous “Dia De Los Muertos” make-up, original and aesthetic.

If Halloween has undoubtedly conquered France since the 90s, it is another celebration, Mexican, which has gained ground in recent years: El Dia De Los Muertos (in French: “Day of the Dead”). An increasingly popular festival in Europe, thanks in particular to the international success of the Disney movie “Coco” released in 2017. And for good reason, it’s a whole universe, visual and colorful, that accompanies this Latin American tradition. Flowers around the eyes, romantic patterns, a skeleton-like mouth… We wear make-up like the “Cavalera” (literally “the skull”), a character very often represented to embody this festival, which is part of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Unesco. To celebrate this event which takes place on November 1st and 2nd or for a disguised evening, we are inspired by Dia De Los Muertos make-ups which change from halloween makeup.

How to do Dia De Los Muertos makeup?

If there are ready-made make-up stickers that you can easily and quickly stick on your face, the best thing is to create your own make-up. The necessary equipment ? A very light foundation – rather than white disguise makeup that will quickly “clown”. A waterproof black pencil to create patterns like the flowers around the eyes and the triangle on the tip of the nose. On the other hand, for the filling, we bring colorful makeup water-based like those made especially for Halloween. We choose one and the same color for both eyes (whether red, pink, green, black…). In the petals, we alternate the colors or, even better, we glue rhinestones which will give a more worked rendering. Another tip? Make your contour (insist on the natural shade under the cheekbones) by replacing your bronzer with a black eyeshadow. For the lips, you can choose a classic lipstick. The whole thing is to opt for long-lasting products that will resist all the vagaries of the day/evening and to obtain a clever mix between dark make-up reminiscent of a skull and joyful make-up with colors, flowers, and glitter.

Discover the most beautiful Dia De Los Muertos makeup spotted on Pinterest.

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