The most beautiful candles to offer for the holidays

Updated on December 16, 2022 at 11:20 a.m.

16 scented candles for the end of year celebrations – © Presse

Which candle to choose for the holidays? Our selection of objects that decorate, perfume and warm our home.

The candle has, for several years, imposed itself as a flagship object of the house. If manufacturers compete in ingenuity to create designs that will dress up any room, we see more particularly the emergence of scented candles. From now on, the noses imagine scents as sharp as for real perfumes. This is precisely how you recognize a luxury candle: quality wax, artisanal manufacture, rich notes for an exceptional object. In addition to luxury candles, organic candles are popular with consumers. And for good reason, natural is popular.

More and more brands specializing in decoration, perfumery houses, or beauty brands are offering a variety of candles on the market. To perfume its interior or to offer a beauty gift for christmasdiscover our selection of the best scented candles for the holidays.

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