The manicure, the new way to prove your love

There are those who tattoo their beloved’s first name (at their own risk), and others who prefer a traditional Instagram post as a token of eternal love. But for a few months among the stars, declarations of love can also be read on the nails. Very much in love, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Baker opted for a somewhat special manicure at the MET Gala. Indeed, the two lovebirds have registered on their nails their respective initial in Gothic letter. Few weeks later, Kim Kardashian followed suit. On her pink manicure, the queen of social networks added a pose of rhinestones in the shape of “P”. A glam nod to her boyfriend, comedian Pete Davidson. The latest? Jennifer Lopez and her “J&B” manicure in honor of her newfound love with actor Ben Affleck. It will be understood, the trend is for romantic nail art.

Nails, messengers of love

In recent years, nails have made a name for themselves on the front of the beauty scene. Extravagant manicures, nail art of all kinds, seasonal trends… In France, the revolution is underway. If celebrities and social networks have a lot to do with it, the pandemic has played a major role in this nail mania (already very popular in the United States). For lack of being able to make up the lips, the nails have become a space for expression and creativity. Some play with colors, others with shapes or messages. During the American presidential campaign, the stars wore XXL nails where it was possible to read the word “VOTE”. Today, exit the political demands, make way for love of all kinds. If the rapper Lizzo adopts manicures ode to self love with her stage name stamped on her varnish, the rock’n’roll couple formed by Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have literally chained themselves using a metal chain connected between their two fingernails. Oh, love…

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