The hair spa, the new beauty reflex

Updated on November 16, 2022 at 2:58 p.m.

The hair spa, the new beauty reflex

The hair spa, the new beauty reflex – ©iStock – GabrielPevide

To reboost hair that is running out of steam, treat yourself to a tailor-made break in a hair spa. We tested a complete treatment in the new institute of hair expert Daphné Narcy.

If we are used to enjoying five minutes of scalp massage between a shampoo and a brushing at your hairdresser, we tend to underestimate the importance of this treatment on our hair and on our well-being in general. The scalp is made up of hundreds of nerve endings and we think too little about pampering it. In the same way that we now realize the power of gestures when applying our face cream, it is therefore necessary to massage our scalp in order to stimulate blood circulation and, by same occasion, improve both hair growth and inner relaxation. Daphné Narcy, hairdresser and expert in natural hair care, reminds us of the benefits of this often overlooked gesture: “Our scalp is infinitely rich, it is also endowed with a cartography in the same way as reflexology plantar, palmar and meridians. You should also know that it has countless small muscles that can become tense under stress and poor blood circulation in the small blood vessels. In addition to boosting the supply of blood and nutrients and therefore strengthening the hair, massaging the scalp has the effect of stimulating the lymph nodes, which offers a draining, detoxifying effect. The expert restores her letters of nobility in her “Hair Spa”, rue des Martyrs, in the 9th district of Paris.

A global protocol

The hairdresser has moved into a small apartment to receive her clients as well as possible and offer them a moment of complete relaxation. It all starts with personalized coaching in order to better understand the person’s problems and to offer them a routine that will be summarized by email. The opportunity to discover natural, clean, sometimes confidential brands and to better understand our hair care at home. Then comes the moment of the performance. Daphne Narcy takes care of the scalp massage for a long time against a background of meditative music. She then goes to the adapted natural mask which poses on the lengths under a hot towel. During this time, the massage is done on the entire upper body: arms, neck, back. Another green option that can be added: a herbal steam bath that deeply moisturizes the hair, giving it shine, shine and softness. We finish the treatment by taking a shower and rinsing our hair in the cocoon. Do not expect styling from the pro, the goal being to focus on the treatment.

Results ? The hair is detoxified, healthier, softer. the irritated scalp / stressed is soothed and the body as a whole is deeply relaxed after this break which feels so good. In short, the hair spa is an investment in its beauty, in its well-being. A moment of calm that teaches us a lot about a fundamental element of our being that we know little about: our hair.

Complete protocol: coaching / diagnosis, massage, green ritual, length mask, wellness shower, 2h30, €255. More informations here.

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