The fall care we adopt

Updated on October 10, 2022 at 4:27 p.m.

The autumn care we adopt – © Presse

When the change of season is felt, it’s time to use suitable products so that our skin can stay beautiful and soft. Protective cream, regenerating serum, make-up remover oil or moisturizing lip balm… Here are these fall treatments you won’t be able to do without.

After summer comes autumn and its share of changes. Nature is putting on its flamboyant orange fluffy coat and our skin – the first target of the exposome, these aggressive external factors – must adapt in record time. Hyper stressed by the sun and the heat, it must now face lower temperatures, a greater return of pollution and relive its peaks of stress. That’s a lot for her, who has to manage as much with the outside world as our inside world. This is why it is essential to pamper her and adapt the care to her needs. Often, after prolonged exposure to the sun, the skin needs to be refined and scrubbed because it has thickened, sometimes causing the appearance of small pimples. Once this detoxification stage, which can also involve drainage from the inside with the help of a beautiful skin drink, for example, we move on to the comfort stage.

What care for the skin in autumn?

If at night, we opt for refresher treatments that will detoxify the skin and boost the natural regeneration of cells, during the day, we turn to moisturizing, protective and antioxidant products. That we have the dry skinnormal or mixed, we always opt for a treatment that will protect against free radicals (stress, pollution, cigarette smoke, etc.) and for that, there is nothing like vitamin C, powerful antioxidant. In terms of hydration, even combination to oily skin should have the right to it because they may have a little more sebum, they can be dehydrated and see small fine lines appear. If dry skin lacks lipids and therefore needs fatty substances, combination skin to greasy will mostly need water. For this, we rely on hyaluronic acid products with high and low molecular weight to, on the one hand, form a protective barrier on the surface of the epidermis in order to maintain a good level of hydration (and retain the water that evaporates throughout the day) and, on the other hand, allow the skin to plump up deeply and smooth fine lines.

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