The “chill” effect blush is the winter make-up trend

Published on October 31, 2022 at 8:59 am

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski – ©instagram @emrata

To subtly enhance your complexion, imitate the effect of cold on the face using a cleverly placed blush. Demonstration.

Like it or not, winter is fast approaching. To face it as it should, beauty addicts have brought to light a makeup trick that allows you to display a radiant complexion whatever the temperature. This is the trend “I’m cold” which means “I’m cold”. Derived from the trend of sunburn blush which consists of imitating the effect of sunburn on the face using a blush, the “I’m cold” trend consists of copying the effect of cold on the skin. Popularized on TikTok by makeup artist Zoe Kim Kenealy, this makeup technique combines matte skin, blusher strategically applied and matte lips, all giving the illusion that you just came back from a walk in the cold streets.

@zoekimkenealy #greenscreen I think this is my favorite TikTok I’ve ever made even tho I felt so basic going outside and taking selfies with my Starbucks it was also the highlight of my day hehe it’s Makeup for serotonin feels and hallmark movie time! It’s the im cold it’s winter and the holidays and fall makeup look tutorial. #wintermakeup #fallmakeuplook #coldmakeup #maccosmetics #benefitcosmetics #makeupforever #wintermakeuplook ♬ August – Taylor Swift


Start by applying a matte foundation, tinted cream, or concealer to even out skin tone and neutralize redness. Then illuminate under the eyes with a highlighting concealer and set the entire face with a matte powder. Then layer two separate blushes, one pink and one orange to warm up the complexion without using bronzer. Apply the mixture to the cheekbones, working up near the eyes, the Cupid’s bow, the bridge of the nose and the eyelids before applying a final veil of matte powder. Finish by applying a matte lipstick in a warm tone like a dark orange.

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