The celebrity coloring trick to look younger

Published on October 10, 2022 at 10:31 am

The celebrity coloring trick to look younger

The celebrity coloring tip to look younger – © OLIVIER BORDE / BESTIMAGE

Look younger with a simple color? It is possible according to celebrities. Explanations.

Lately, the scanning no longer seduces as before. If the trend of bronde » remains a favorite of celebrities, light highlights on a darker base are no longer popular. Proof of this is with Hailey Bieber who swapped her mousy hair for a chocolate color. Same observation for Cara Delevingne which now displays the flagship color of autumn: the nutella brown. What to understand? The nuanced colorings give way to uniform hair, without reflections.

Uniform hair, the trick of the stars

Contrary to popular belief, even hair is not cheesy. If for years, sweeping triumphed without much competition, it seems that the trend is reversing this fall. Whose fault is it ? At the latest appearances of models, especially during Paris Fashion Week like Karlie Kloss. Exit the ash blond or the copper reflections, the brown or the luminous chestnut are in the viewfinder of all the girls in the wind. More than a new hair phenomenon, this trend is also a perfect tip to rejuvenate naturally. According to experts, the so-called “virgin” hair refers to the natural hair of our childhood. A combination of ideas that would make us look younger. If the experience tempts you, it is advisable to opt for hair care to give luminosity, shine and radiance.

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