The Brachel: the new version of the Rachel cut is inspired by this French icon

Published on November 02, 2022 at 10:57 am

the brachel

the brachel Р© instagram @shay.sullivann

The genius idea? Mix two iconic haircuts to create a new vintage and ultra-stylish trend.

One is the face of the 90s, the other of the sixties (and more). In 1995, Jennifer Aniston is a worldwide success thanks to her cut called “The Rachel” in homage to the character she plays in the series “Friends”. A hairstyle that is still on everyone’s lips today. A bit like that of Brigitte Bardot. Her long blond hair upgraded by voluminous curtain bangs operate a remarkable comeback for several seasons. The Bardot and Rachel Green inspiration continues to make trendy girls fantasize. So much so that the latter have decided to merge these two emblematic cuts. In 2022, there is no longer any question of choosing thanks to the Brachel cut. This mix between the French icon and the American actress is based on several trends that are vestiges of the past. We find, for example, the fringe curtain from the one we affectionately call “BB”, its controlled volume or even the ultra degraded lengths of America’s little bride.

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The Brachel cut: for whom?

As stylish as it is, the Brachel cut is not the easiest to wear. Indeed, as for that of Rachel Green, its very pronounced gradient will amplify the jawbones (already well pronounced) of square and round faces. Same observation for very fine hair which will have to fall back towards a less tapered hairstyle. Another point to take into account: styling. Indeed, this beauty requires real maintenance. Brushing, heating devices but also hair curlers will be your best allies. Indeed, these grandmother’s accessories are the key to a successful haircut.

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