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We can never repeat it enough, summer and winter, it is essential to protect yourself against the dangers of the sun. But when the time comes to make your choice in the sun protection department, you catch a heatstroke and melt like snow in the sun… Not easy to find your way around? We talked about sunwear with Alexandre Vacher, CEO Physiodermie. Tips and selection!

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Why wear sunscreen?

Sun protection, in cream, in water, in stick or in tanning oil, protect us from the long and short term risks involved in exposure. We hear here the Sun burn, peeling skin, dryness and skin aging, brown spots or even skin cancer. It is therefore recommended to all phototypes without exception to use sunscreen.

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Which sunscreen to turn to?

“The most important thing is to choose an effective cream with good protection and sunscreens that are less harmful to health,” explains Alexandre Vacher. The first criterion to look at is theprotection sign : for the body, it is better to favor a minimum SPF 30 treatment”. And for the face then? “The skin being more fragile there, we gladly turn to the 50 index which is a must to block UVA and UVB as much as possible”. Moreover, we no longer talk about sunscreens without thinking about the environment. To reduce the impact, it is good to adopt “a product that respects marine fauna and flora because every year no less than 25,000 tonnes of sunscreen are dumped into the oceans”, specifies the expert. . Finally, the addition of an antioxidant or an anti-ageing active ingredient is a real plus for the epidermis. On the texture side, the expert advises us to choose it pleasant, not too greasy and non-sticky in order to take pleasure in applying it and facilitate its integration into our daily beauty routine.

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How to properly apply your sunscreen?

On the most sensitive areas, such as the face and neck, sunscreen must imperatively be applied last, after moisturizer. In terms of quantity, the expert evokes the “two finger rule” which consists in applying the cream along two fingers of the hand to determine the quantity necessary. But be careful: the tinted creams and other make-up with SPF does not replace the use of sunscreen. Ideally, on the face and body, reapply every two hours (whether using SPF 30 or 50) when exposed to direct sunlight. Be careful not to forget any area! And if you are at the beach, it is recommended to spread the cream before and after swimming.

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