The best perfumes for fall

Updated on September 23, 2022 at 12:16 p.m.

The best perfumes for fall – © Presse

Between the light scents of summer and the warm trails of winter, we opt for a sweet scent of autumn.

Throughout the year, it’s not just the seasons that change. There are also our desires, our needs and our senses that evolve. That of olfaction is no exception, quite the contrary. With temperature differences, our skin reveals more or less intensely the trail of our favorite perfume. It is therefore not surprising that we do not wear the same juice in summer and winter. Especially since with our modern perfumery, the choices are vast allowing us to go as much towards notes opposed to our habits as towards slight revisits of our favorite trail. Generally, in summer we move towards lightness, freshness and sparkling, while from autumn to winter, we gradually move towards woody fragranceswarmer, more enveloping and heady notes.

The notes of autumn perfumes

Autumn is the story of the in-between. The temperatures drop but remain pleasant, the sunlight slowly loses intensity and heat and above all our landscape sees its colors change from green to a flamboyant shades of orange. All these changes come to soak in our nostrils and, very often, we move towards sweet, woody and spicy notes. In short, comforting, warm and stimulating. Without yet falling into the intense notes specific to winter, in autumn, more full-bodied and sustained flowers are revealed, such as orange blossom or jasmine. The musks gradually return in the base note for more marked and heavy trails. Woods such as sandalwood also have a place of choice in olfactory scores. Everything is good for gentle pampering.

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