The best multiplayer games on Amazon Luna (September 2022)

Amazon Luna seeks to make games as accessible as possible. Using cloud technology, subscribers can jump into a game with just one click. The only things they need are a compatible device, a decent internet connection, and a gamepad. You don’t need to download games or own a modern console; just open Google Chrome, open the app Amazon Luna and get started.

Such a service would be useless if it did not offer a varied selection of games suitable for all kinds of players or situations. For example, multiplayer games might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for some people it’s all they drink. That’s why Amazon Luna naturally has a great selection of titles designed to bring people together (and pit them against each other). Depending on the game, Amazon Luna can support online or local PvP.

You can also find all kinds of card games like poker, blackjack and bingo. These are the most popular card games, you cannot play for real money at Amazon Luna, but the SlotsUp project offers you the opportunity to choose an online casino where you can play at real money bingo. We recommend that you consult it by clicking here.

13. Smite

Starting with a free-to-play game might seem strange, however, Smite is an absolutely huge property and maybe not everyone has a system capable of running the MOBA. Launched in 2014, Smite includes over a hundred gods and goddesses for players to choose from, all with their own unique abilities that will take some getting used to.

MOBAs are one-of-a-kind games because they’re both popular and extremely specialized, especially when they were released a few years ago. That said, Smite is one of the best entry points into the genre.

12. Tetris Effect Connected

Everyone knows Tetris. Beautifully simple yet challenging, the game has been a hit since 1984, and the concept has received some cool updates over the decades. Tetris Effect is a contender for the biggest iteration of this classic franchise, and Connected enhances the core experience by introducing co-op and PvP to complement the single-player content. Supporting local and online multiplayer, the game offers a healthy dose of variety with its zone battle mode and 1v1 matches.

Basically, it’s the Tetris people know and love, but with a few modern twists that improve the overall longevity. Tetris Effect Connected might just be Amazon Luna’s best multiplayer game.

11. Killer Queen Black

An arcade gem that has made its way into homes, Killer Queen Black pits two teams of four players against each other in a fight for one of three victories, all of which require commitment and careful planning. Played on a single screen, this game manages to be both simple and strategically complex as players not only have to focus on the actions of their companions but also try to counter their opponents’ moves.

Killer Queen Black may not have the same notoriety as some of Luna’s best multiplayer games, but it’s fun, thrilling, and addictive. Although the matches can be quite intense, this game does not depend on quick reflexes, which makes it fully compatible with a cloud gaming service.

10. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Ultimate Edition

Like many limited-lifetime games, The Division 2 has changed significantly since launch, and that goes beyond just new content (although there has been a LOT of that, too). Today, Ubisoft’s RPG shooter has morphed into a robust package that features solid progression, loot, and story missions.

The Ultimate Edition includes the Warlords of New York expansion, which is practically a must-have at this point in the game’s life. Newcomers who are tempted to dive into this world can expect dozens and dozens of hours of content, and The Division 2 can be enjoyed solo or with other players.

9. Hot Wheels go wild

The Luna+ channel has an impressive selection of racing games that span both single-player and multiplayer content. A licensed game that doesn’t feel like it was botched, Hot Wheels Unleashed is a triumphant celebration of Mattel’s iconic brand that played a part in so many childhoods. Amazon Luna supports split-screen PvP through Luna Couch, which means subscribers can play against friends across the country.

As a multiplayer experience, Hot Wheels Unleashed is pretty straightforward and doesn’t have a huge array of options. While the lack of diverse content may put people off returning too often, the game is perfect for a few quick errands.

8. Tumblestone

Tumblestone is deceptively shiny. At first glance, this version looks like a regular match-three type game, but it only takes a few rounds to realize that the rating is off the mark. Tumblestone is a real headache, as players must carefully plan their moves to clear the board. There’s a right way to win each level, and those paths are often difficult to decipher.

Tumblestone offers solo players plenty of content to browse, so it’s not just a multiplayer option. For those who want to take on a friend, the game supports local PvP on Amazon Luna.

7. BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

Amazon Luna has a decent selection of fighting games, most of which support local PvP in one form or another. Therefore, choosing one or the other is a matter of personal preference. People who prefer the “classics” should check out Luna’s Retro channel, which is full of old-world delights. The Luna+ channel also has two fighting games, both of which are good options for anyone not against a good dose of anime.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is a crossover fighting game that includes characters from Persona 4 Arena, RWBY, and Under Night In-Birth, as well as fighters from the eponymous franchise. Unlike other BlazBlue games, Cross Tag Battle focuses on 2v2 combat and, above all, offers much more accessible gameplay. The story mode isn’t great, but the combat system is great fun and comes into its own in PvP.

6. Monopoly Madness

With the exception of classics like chess, Monopoly is probably the most famous board game of all time. Many people competed for real estate and spent hours gaining and losing wealth while harboring quiet resentment against all other competitors. Who doesn’t love family game night?

If an Amazon Luna subscriber wants to play traditional Monopoly, they should try Monopoly Plus from Ubisoft+. For those who want something a little different,

Monopoly Madness is the best choice. By taking a fresh look at the formula, this title significantly changes the mechanics and flow of the franchise to provide a more accessible and less demanding experience. It’s a full-fledged board game, one that favors short, intense play sessions over endless matches, and where players frantically bid to acquire as many resources as possible within the time limit. Monopoly might not look exciting, but Madness is one of the best multiplayer games on Amazon Luna.

5. Redout

With Redout 2 slated for June 16, 2022, now is a great time for someone to check out the original game to see if the sequel might interest them. 2016’s Redout game is mostly worth buying for its single-player modes. The gameplay of this futuristic arcade game is quite fun and fills the void left by franchises like Wipeout.

The game supports local PvP, allowing two players to battle it out in split-screen. Although limited, this multiplayer functionality adds another dimension to the whole thing, and the lack of online support isn’t a great loss since Redout doesn’t have a particularly active community.

4. Rainbow Six Siege Ultimate Edition

A somewhat rocky launch aside, Rainbow Six Siege has consistently been one of the best multiplayer games on the market for the past five years. A tactical shooter with a heavy emphasis on coordination and teamwork, Siege has a diverse roster of Operators who all have their strengths and weaknesses, and a group’s success will largely depend on its capacity and its will to put in synergy the chosen characters.

Rainbow Six Siege wasn’t the most accessible shooter when it first hit the scene, and the barrier to entry only got tougher as the game grew its player base. Therefore, newcomers may feel overwhelmed by the experience, and they should turn to the community if they need guidance.

Amazon Luna’s Ubisoft+ channel includes access to the Ubisoft Connect PC app, which allows PC owners to download games as well. If viable, this option is worth considering for Rainbow Six Siege.

3.Jackbox Games

Here’s a channel designed almost exclusively for multiplayer, as there are only a handful of minigames that can be played solo. Jackbox games are tailor-made for the holidays, and Amazon Luna is arguably the cheapest way to access all of the franchise’s packs.

Containing 40 mini-games spanning a wide range of sub-types such as ‘Drawing’ and ‘Trivia’, Jackbox Games comes with a huge amount of content capable of ensuring the laughs continue. Some of the best minigames include Drawful, Fibbage, and Quiplash.

2.Riders Republic

Ubisoft has gone all out when it comes to live gaming, and most of the publisher’s products in this area are available on Amazon Luna. Even though these releases are designed to be long-term investments, players should consider trying out these titles on a platform like Luna to see if their core gameplay loop is for them. Riders Republic is an extreme sports game set in an open world that primarily focuses on multiplayer, though players can choose to do their own thing if they prefer a single-player experience.

Featuring mountain biking, snowboarding, wingsuit flying, and skiing, Riders Republic lets players compete in high-intensity races against their peers. The game is superb and controls quite well, although each discipline requires practice to master.

1. Pong

Pong could be the perfect game. Or, to be more precise, it might be the most intuitive game ever. Even if someone has never touched a controller in their life, a quick glance at the screen is probably all they need to understand Pong. Yes, this game is the very definition of basic, but it also just makes sense in a way that only a small handful of licenses do.

As a multiplayer PvP experience, Pong is entirely skill-based. There is no way to cheat or tip the balance in a player’s favor; the winner always earns bragging rights. Pong can be as fun as going to an arcade and playing a game of air hockey, and it can be just as competitive.

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