The best expense report management apps

Do you find that receipts and excel sheets are a bit out of fashion but above all effective in managing your expense reports? U.S. too. Especially since employees are on the move a lot today and it is not always easy to manage their expenses remotely. Fortunately, there are solutions in adequacy with your problem: Applications, which constitute a much better expense report software for company cards. Find out which applications are the most intuitive, efficient and easy to use, in order to select the one that will soon join the operation of your business.

Spendesk App

No more manual management of expense reports in Excel! Now get the right tools and choose the best expense report software. Discover, for example, Spendesk, which can process much more than just expense reports. It is a platform for managing all professional expenses. It was thought out and designed to measure to grant more autonomy to employees, while supporting the administrative and financial team in its cash management. Spendesk offers a virtual and physical corporate card solution to make business payments and purchases while making them secure and simple.


It’s about a expense report management mobile app which deserves its title of best expense report software! To use it, all you have to do is take a photo of your invoice or receipt so that the expense is recognized. Mileage expense reports are also supported and you can obtain expense models to provide to your employees for parking, hotels, fuel or catering. All expense reports will be compiled into files in PDF, Excel or CSV, then sent to the accounting department, so that reimbursement can be made quickly.


Discover the alternative solution of credit purchases for this application which will allow you to pay only up to your use of the services. If you are looking for the best expense report software, with quick editing of summary tables, you can turn to the iZyFrais platform. This is a powerful tool that allows you to send all the photos of all your expense reports at once. The application will take care of decoding, then integrating these calculations into your personal space. The expenses will pass to the manager who will have to approve the expenses before exporting them to the accounting software.

In conclusion: Which expense report management application to choose?

Finding the best expense report software is no small feat. These 3 examples are relevant, which is why they are listed here. Now, you have at your disposal dozens, even hundreds of management applications that will be more or less effective, strategic and easy to use. The key is that you know how to choose the tool that will best meet all the specific needs of your business. For this, you may need to perform a detailed audit, to see if you need a simple automatic receipt processing solution or if you need a high-end tailor-made solution.

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