The best electric epilators of the moment that make the legs soft

Why choose an electric epilator?

Don’t want to spend every month at the beautician but tired of thick regrowth after the shaving ? The electric epilator is the best alternative. More effective than the razor, it pulls the hairs out at the root. Over the passages, the hairs are finer, less numerous and take longer to grow back (about 2 to 3 weeks). Its little extra? The device works even on short hairs. Like the constraints of depilatory wax, hair removal can be done at home, alone and quickly. Saving time but also money! It’s no secret that salon hair removal sessions can be expensive. If the razor is obviously less expensive, it still requires a regular expense. An electric epilator, it oscillates between 20€ to 150€ (the more features, the higher the price) but will quickly pay for itself.

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Electric leg epilator: instructions for use

If the electric epilator is easy to use, it is best to follow certain rules. For the legs, it is advisable to start with the ankles to gradually move up the area. In general, the device should be perpendicular to the surface to be depilated. With your free hand, smooth the skin just above the epilator to make it easier to grip the hair. The trick? The use of light to detect the smallest hairs.

Electric epilator for armpits: instructions for use

Before starting, it is important to observe the length of his hair. If they are longer than a centimeter, it is better to shorten them with the detachable razor head of the epilator. Long hair will be more painful to remove. As the armpit is a delicate area, it is advisable to set the device to the intermediate speed level.

Electric epilator for the bikini line: instructions for use

Caution sensitive area! Although wax is preferred, it is quite possible to depilate the jersey using an electric epilator. To do this, the device must be set to medium or even low speed. In order not to irritate the skin, the epilator is gradually raised over small areas.

Whatever the waxed area, it is important to calm the overheated skin with a restorative body milk, a thermal water or an anti-regrowth oil. We avoid the moisturizing creams and scented which may burn the epidermis. On the side of the epilator, the hairs are removed from the epilation head using a brush. An essential step if you want to keep your epilator as long as possible!

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