The benefits of olive oil in cosmetics

Published on November 10, 2022 at 2:32 p.m.

The benefits of olive oil in cosmetics – © Press

Protective, moisturizing and antioxidant… Olive oil, known for its taste in cooking, has cosmetic benefits for the beauty and health of our skin and hair.

Commonly prized for seasoning our summer salads or grilling our fall vegetables, olive oil is a kitchen essential. Produced by cold pressing the fruit of the olive tree – a tree that flourishes around the Mediterranean and is recognizable by its gnarled branches and silvery leaves – olive oil is also recognized for its health benefits. But that’s not all ! It seems to have cosmetic benefits, especially for the beauty and health of the skin and hair. Solène Gayet, director of the L’Olivier de Leos skincare brand, tells us more about this oleaginous product with multiple virtues.

What are the properties of olive oil?

“As the green gold of the Mediterranean, olive oil is certainly one of the first beauty products to have existed. Women saw in it the secret of eternal youth, and used it as a true elixir of beauty. They coated their hair with it to beautify it, the skin of their body to soften and soften it, and that of their face to smooth it and give it a perfect complexion,” begins the expert. Beauty rituals still valid today thanks to the wealth of active ingredients contained in this oil.

Its benefits for the skin

Nourishing and moisturizing

“Its richness in fatty acids, and in particular oleic acid, gives it nourishing properties,” explains the expert. Thus, the skin’s natural hydration system is restored, as is its hydrolipidic film, which protects it. Also, “in the unsaponifiable part (indissoluble in water, editor’s note) of its formula, we find vegetable squalane, an excellent emollient allowing to limit the loss of water and to bring suppleness to the skin”.


“Olive oil contains antioxidants like Vitamin E and polyphenols. Thus, it helps to fight against free radicals and protects the skin from skin aging premature.


Olive oil has calming properties. Skin prone to redness and irritation greatly appreciates it.

Its benefits for the hair?

As for the skin of the face and body, olive oil promises the same benefits to our hair. Indeed, this oleic substance nourishes and protects the hair, strengthens it and gives it shine and also helps to soothe the scalp. Good hair health guaranteed.

How to choose the right olive oil?

Before using olive oil, care must be taken to choose it well. The expert thus advises to “prefer an oil called extra virgin”, in other words “an oil resulting from a first cold pressing, only by mechanical processes, without the use of chemicals or heat”? This guarantees the protection of its assets and therefore of its properties. “We preferably opt for an oil made in France in order to guarantee quality and traceability”, but also “from a sustainably managed terroir, AOP or according to organic standards”. For its preservation? It is kept cool and dry, away from heat and light, so that it retains all its properties over time.

How to properly use olive oil?

Ultra-soft, olive oil is therefore a vegetable oil for the face, body and hair. “Obviously, due to its composition rich in fatty acids, it is particularly suitable for dry skins, mature or weakened,” says Solène Gayet. But contrary to popular belief, it does not clog pores and can also be used on oily skin thanks to its low comedogenicity index. The expert still recommends performing a test on the bend of the elbow before using a pure product on the skin. In addition, this vegetable oil can also be integrated into cosmetic treatments.

Olive oil can be used pure and in different ways. We prefer it “in the evening, in small touches to nourish the dry areas of the face and body, in local action on wrinkles or fine lines or even as a make-up remover (fatty substances having the ability to cling to make-up)”, explains the expert. On the hair side, olive oil can be applied to the ends or all of the hair like a oil bath. It often comes in recipes of homemade cosmetics such as scrubs and masks for the face or even hair masks.

“Obviously, olive oil fits perfectly into a cosmetic formula composition, to deliver its nourishing and antioxidant benefits.” Thus, it can be used every day, its dosage having been precisely measured and its tolerance tested to guarantee its gentle effectiveness.

Where to find the best beauty products with olive oil?

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