The 5 golden rules of a pro to properly clean your Gua Sha

Published on November 17, 2022 at 2:57 p.m.

The 5 golden rules of a pro to properly clean your Gua Sha

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Washing your Gua Sha after each use is extremely important to avoid rashes. But do you know the golden rules to follow for proper cleaning? Follow the leader !

Oh the Gua Sha ! This small tool originally from traditional Chinese medicine has made its way into the drawers of our bathroom. And for good reason: it allows lymphatic drainage of the face (or body) and gives us a healthy glow almost instantly. After each use, it is imperative to clean it well at the risk of seeing it teeming with bacteria and causing skin rashes. Yes, just like our makeup brushes, the Gua Sha requires meticulous maintenance. “Wouldn’t you use a dirty towel over and over again on your body?” “, asks Kai Yim, an acupuncturist and herbalist at the media “ Byrdie “. To maintain her Gua Sha like a pro, she gives us all the keys.

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Rule number one: Use soap and water

Yes, it seems obvious. But the first good reflex when it comes to cleaning your Gua Sha is to use soap and water. “Wet your hands with lukewarm water and put some soap on them. Create a creamy foam and clean your Gua Sha for thirty seconds then rinse with hot water and dry it with a soft microfiber towel”, explains the professional. Warning: in contact with the soap, the Gua Sha can become very slippery and slip out of your hands.

Rule number two: Plunge it into a bowl of hot water

If you’re worried about the Gua Sha slipping out of your hands, the second solution might be to soak it in a bowl of warm water with antibacterial soap or your favorite facial cleanser.

Rule number three: Use brushes for corners

Some Gua Sha models are made with serrated parts to better stimulate microcirculation. These require special maintenance: “If your Gua Sha has very tight serrated parts or even resembles a comb, you will need to use a small brush (like a toothbrush) to clean between the small gaps where the oil and residues can accumulate,” says Kai Yim.

Rule number four: Pay attention to the material used

This is something that you don’t automatically think of: the material used to make the Gua Sha is very important when it comes to cleaning. “The more porous the material, the more often it needs to be cleaned. Metals, such as silver and copper, are the least porous but little used. Good quality stones such as jade and rose quartz are non-porous, leaving a small margin of error if skipping a wash. »

Rule number five: Use alcohol

This is an especially true rule for people prone to acne. When the Gua Sha is properly cleaned, it is possible to pass a small layer of alcohol-based disinfectant on it once it is completely dry. Say goodbye to any bacteria!

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