Tanning accelerator: all about tanning activating products

If the hit of a previous summer was “Despacito” (“softly” in French), this year, we press the mushroom to tan quickly. How ? Thanks to the tanning accelerator, also called tanning activator, our ally to quickly obtain a nice tanned complexion. But what exactly is it and how does it work? We put our questions to Laure Calvel, Vice-President Marketing Lancaster.

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What is a tan activator?

Preparatory oil for golden skin, Solar cream caramel tan booster or after-sun care extender… A multitude of products now claim to be tanning activators. Kesako? As its name suggests, “it is a treatment that accompanies the skin’s natural tanning process by stimulating the production of melanin, the source of tanning, so that it is distributed evenly over our entire skin. body,” says the expert. We therefore let ourselves be tempted by this miracle cosmetic and we put all the chances on our side to tan faster!

When and how to use a tanning accelerator?

Tanning activators are everywhere in the ranges of sun cosmetics. They are applied to the face and the body and can be used in three different ways depending on their formula:

  • Before exposure: in order to promote the stimulation of melanin and thus prepare the skin for the first exposures.
  • During exposure: by using sun protection and its SPF index, damage to the skin caused by the sun is limited. The activator promotes homogeneous and controlled melanin production.
  • After sun exposure: prolong your tan for up to a month thanks to an after-sun product composed of a tanning activator active ingredient for an endless summer feeling thanks to a tanning accelerator.

Have a beautiful tan that lasts with adapted gestures

In addition to using the tan accelerator, here are a few more steps to adopt for a tan that lasts. First, we prepare our skin with a cure of solar capsules. Second, we include the scrub in our beauty routine. Third, moisturize your skin well and “protect it as well as possible from the sun’s rays and avoid dangerous exposures” underlines the expert. And this, thanks to a sunscreen or a tanning oil adapted to avoid Sun burn. Finally, we sublimate our tan with after-sun care once the end of the holidays has come!

The best tan activators

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