Sunflower oil: cosmetics manufacturers authorized to replace it temporarily

Published on July 19, 2022 at 5:47 p.m.

Sunflower oil: cosmetics manufacturers authorized to replace it temporarily.

Sunflower oil: cosmetics manufacturers authorized to replace it temporarily. – © Blanchi Costela/Getty Images

Cosmetics manufacturers are authorized to replace sunflower oil in their compositions without changing their lists of ingredients, for a period of six months. The DGCCRF announced it on July 13th.

Two months after requesting authorization to replace sunflower oil in their ingredient lists, cosmetics manufacturers have won their case: they will be able to do so without changing the composition on their packaging for a maximum of six months.

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The Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF) announced this in a press release relayed by AFP on July 13. It will “grant a limited number of temporary derogations from certain labeling obligations”, for those who should modify their composition “in a period of time incompatible with the printing of new packaging”. What “guarantee the continuity of supply of the products concerned”, while ensuring “the safety and good information of consumers”. This derogation will be granted to manufacturers if the modifications do not endanger the safety of consumers, and if they encounter real supply difficulties.

A shortage linked to the war in Ukraine

During this semester, with a tolerance period of three months, they will have to notify consumers of this change in the list of ingredients. For example, actors food industry who have benefited from this derogation have added terms such as “DEROG” to their products. Then if this change in recipe means that the product is no longer “organic”, “of natural origin” or even “vegan” after this modification, it will also be necessary to make this known explicitly.

Manufacturers have faced a shortage of sunflower oil since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the world’s largest exporter of the commodity. Last May, Jean-Marc Giroux, president of Cosmed, association of SMEs in the cosmetics sector, had announced : “Faced with the supply difficulties that we are encountering for certain fats, we have asked the Ministry of the Economy to benefit from the same exemptions as agri-food manufacturers. We hope to get an answer this week. » The list of products whose composition has been modified can be found on the website of the DGCCRF.

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