Sunburn: the best remedies to relieve it

Updated on July 25, 2022 at 9:52 a.m.

SOS beauty: I got a sunburn!

SOS beauty: I got a sunburn! – © Getty

The beautiful days, the heat, the holidays, the sun… We say yes, but beware of dangerous sunburn. Too late ? Tips, tricks and steps to take to care for your burnt skin.

Displaying a nice tan after returning from vacation is the challenge for many people. But sometimes, wanting to “skip” the essential and progressive stages of sun exposure and protection, the experience can quickly turn into a nightmare and your skin takes on a crayfish red tint due to sunburn. So, to avoid permanently damaging your sun, health and beauty capital, it is better to know how to repair the damage in time. Advice for all victims of the sun’s rays.

First aid to relieve a sunburn

We soothe and moisturize the sunburn

To relieve your sunburn, do not hesitate to take several showers or even a bath in cold water. The skin is thus refreshed and the feeling of heat soothed for a while. After drying off, apply a very nourishing repair cream. The best known ? The “Biafine” which deeply moisturizes and repairs damaged epidermis. Depending on the degree of burn, proceed with 2 or 3 applications per day for about a week, until the sunburn disappears. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor if the burn is too intense.

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We restructure the epidermis

Other more targeted and complementary treatments to “Biafine” can accelerate the regeneration and recomposition of the tissues of the epidermis. Certain multi-repairing treatments, based on plants, urgently calm the phenomena of extreme irritation and inflammation. We are thinking in particular of masks made from Shea Butter orjojoba oil which nourish and repair sun damage and allow you to maintain youthfulness. Finally, milk after Sun relieve and reduce pain while restructuring the hydrolipidic film of damaged skin.

We use natural remedies

Certain plants or foods have soothing properties and can act as miracle cures. Cucumber helps soothe overheated skin. Cut a few slices and lay them on the irritated areas. Green tea, on the other hand, is an excellent healing agent, just likealoe vera. Please note, these “homemade” treatments are done in parallel with the application of Biafine and after medical advice.

We treat a sunburn on the lips

If we catch a sunburn on lipsit is good to use and abuse a lip balm with SPF protection 50 to avoid aggravating the burn, a treatment preferably rich in moisturizing agents such as shea butter or glycerin. They promote the reconstitution of the skin and help maintain a protective film. To relieve the pain, we apply wet compresses that we renew several times a day. We also drink a lot of water and we avoid eating too salty foods that dehydrate the body (goodbye crisps at the aperitif). You can also bet on tomato juice, rich in lycopene which contributes to a faster attenuation of the burn.

We repair a sunburn on the face and décolleté

The sun is over! You no longer expose this area to UV and you no longer go out without your hat and SPF 50 protection tube! We relieve the feeling of heat with warm water compresses or an atomizer ofthermal water. The application of an aloe vera gel (which comes out of the refrigerator is even better) will both relieve and help the skin to repair itself thanks to its healing properties. Stop scrubbing and waxing so as not to further traumatize your skin!

A sunburn… for how long?

For a 1st degree sunburn, it takes between 3 and 7 days for the skin to lose its red color and its burning sensation, provided of course that it is no longer exposed. For a 2nd degree burn with the appearance of blisters, on the other hand, it is necessary to count two good weeks and imperatively to consult a doctor to monitor a possible infection.

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The right things to do when you have a sunburn

Avoid exposing yourself

In order to maintain your health capital, you should no longer expose yourself to the sun, at least until the sunburn disappears. If you do not follow this fundamental rule, you risk damaging the tissues of the epidermis a little more and this can be very dangerous. That is why dermatologists warn of the high risks of malignant melanoma, a malignant tumor of the pigment system.

We cover ourselves

To avoid further sunburn, it is advisable to cover up both on the beach (even if you are sheltered under a parasol) or during your travels. Better to go out from 4 p.m. and before 12 p.m. Between these two hours, the sun is much too dangerous. A short-sleeved t-shirt, preferably a long skirt, a hat and you’re done. Using an SPF50+, brush over exposed skin.

We drink a lot of water

Water is the essential and vital component of the body. You should drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day. The body is regenerated, the skin rehydrated. The sunburn then disappears more quickly.

Sunburn: the right make-up

We hide our redness

You’re red as a peony and you don’t dare go out with that face? Do not panic. First of all, spray a soothing mist for dehydrated skin then use an after-sun cream rich in moisturizing agents. Finally, opt for a natural green base that neutralizes redness.

We make up soft

We opt for a light make-up with targeted effects to avoid attacking a little more the already very scalded epidermis. We apply a foundation with SPF which effectively protects the skin from UVA/UVB rays as well as a nourishing lip balm. Avoid applying multiple make-up products to your reddened face, which are often full of chemical agents and very aggressive.

Thanks to Marie-Catherine Planté, dermatologist.

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