Speaker Agency: The Benefits Only a Sports Speaker Can Bring to Your Business!

Sport inspires through its various values: leadership, team spirit, determination, extreme discipline, in addition to knowing how to overcome defeats and injuries. These values ​​are essential for all areas of activity. This is the reason why more and more companies choose to request a speaker agency with the aim of inviting top athletes to their corporate events to transmit to their employees the values ​​and virtues expressed through the teachings of sport.

The presence of sports celebrities gives awareness to your corporate event, attracts more participants and reinforces the values ​​of your company. The presence of a renowned athlete creates a feeling of exclusivity which helps to increase the impact of the event.

In the continuous search for self-transcendence, athletes can learn many tricks on the management of your professional career, in addition to become great ambassadors for your company.

Why hire a sports speaker: 6 similarities between an athlete and an employee

Have you ever thought about the similarities between the life of an athlete and that of an employee?

In addition to struggling day in and day out to overcome challenges, there are several other aspects of an athlete’s routine that can and should be applied to working life. Famous athletes can be a great source of inspiration for your employees at your corporate events! In this case, here are some values ​​that an athlete can communicate to your employees.


Failures are inevitable! But no matter how many times you fall, the important thing is to know how to get up, this applies to both employees and athletes. Stéphane Diagana is a French athlete who came 4th at the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992, then had to give up participating in the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996 following an injury. For the Athens Olympics in 1997, he finally climbed onto the podium, with a spectacular race which placed him world champion in the 400 meter hurdles and won the gold medal. No matter the failures, your success is inevitable!

Have clear goals

Making the goal you want to achieve visible is the main characteristic of an employee and an athlete. For the sporting competitor, his objective is to obtain victory and to visualize himself as a champion in his discipline, while for the employee, it is a question of visualizing the result to be achieved and successfully developing his project. company.


Having the ability to be a flexible person adds value to the work that one will develop both in a business and in a sporting discipline. Employees and athletes are people with the ability to effect changeto adapt to new circumstances, to take on new responsibilities in favor of their work.

They follow their instincts

Athletes and employees have the opportunity to promote their own sporting and professional talents. Both profiles must follow their instincts and trust their potential like swimmers do who jump into the pool and work on what they do best because this talent will allow them to go far and achieve the goals they they fixed themselves.

For example, it is the case of swimmer Laure Manaudou who, at the age of 4, began to develop her talent for swimming and over time she reinforced this talent by working mornings and afternoons with great consistency, which allowed her to become one of the best French swimmers.


Every great result or victory does not happen overnight, it requires advance planning, knowing the rival or competition, knowing new techniques to be more efficient, generating new ideas to have more resistance or make the product / more innovative service to attract customers. Every sporting discipline requires planning, as do athletes preparing to run a marathon.

The teamwork

Behind each person, there are several people who contribute to help him achieve his final goal. Behind a great athlete, there is a coach who guided him to achieve his goals, a family and a team who supported him and always helped him. Like an employee who evolves within a team of collaborators that allows the company to achieve its objectives.

Are you looking for an athlete for your corporate event?

Sports personalities such as Arsene Wenger, David Douillet or Tony Parker can offer motivational talks whose goal is to trigger a change of attitude in the participants.

Speaker agencies like Startnplays have in their portfolios of speakers, the sports speakers mentioned above but also other personalities who can offer conferences adapted to the objective of your corporate event.

What can an athlete matchmaking agency do for you? A speaker agency offers you several advantages :

  • They advise you on the right choice of the most suitable speakers
  • They have a large catalog of personalities
  • They take care of all the details of your contract
  • They accompany you before, during and after the event

At Startnplay, for example, you have access to 87 high-level sports personalities to find a sports coach ! These sports and training enthusiasts can intervene at your corporate event to teach your employees the essential methods to obtain results. Finally, note that thespeaker agency Startnplay also offers a list of 242 personalities involved in the fields of sport, entrepreneurship, gastronomy, innovation, digital, science, management, army, sales, customer relations or negotiation.

Finding your source of inspiration to achieve success and personal/professional fulfillment is not difficult.

Furthermore, theAthletes manage to make the link between the values ​​of sport and the daily situations of the business world. They tell their stories and present to the public real situations that motivate and inspire employees who participate in your corporate events.

Here are some stories that can inspire us all.

Sports Speaker – Jackson Richarson: The Journey of a Double World Champion

In his speech, Jacskon Richarson tells how he reached the top of world Handball, winning the title of best player in the world and winning the Handball World Cup twice in Island (1995) and France (2001). Moreover, he built a successful career at the various clubs he played for. Discover his first contacts with the sport, his rise, his moments of glory but also his injuries, the difficult times and the unique experiences that only Handball can offer are shared in the conference. Above all, the passion for sports allowed Jackson Richarson to overcome all barriers and prove to himself thatwith determination, it is possible to achieve any goal.

Sports speaker – David Douillet: Exceeding all limits

Since his childhood, David Douillet already knew what he wanted to be when he grew up: a professional athlete. And it is thanks to Judo that the athlete managed to bring his dream to life! In his motivating and moving speech, David Douillet shares his journey of surpassing himself to become one of the best judokas in the world. It shows that with motivation, perseverance, respect and discipline we can overcome all the obstacles that seem impossible!

Sports speaker – Alexandra Recchia: Balance and concentration in the pursuit of your goals

Alexandra Recchia is a reference athlete in Karate! She is currently the most successful athlete in the history of karate! 5 times world champion, 3 times European champion, 12 times French champion. In her conference, Alexandra Recchia presents her vision of success through the eyes of an athlete and through the techniques of Karate. The Athlete presents how to integrate the methodology and practices of Karate into your life. The basic principles of calm, leadershipteam spirit, self-building, achieving goals and commitment are some of the topics covered, which can be transposed to everyday life and the business environment.

Sports speaker – Arsène Wenger: Dedication and excellence in the pursuit of your dreams

Leadership, team spirit, goal building, dedication, commitment and how this relates to results and success are some of the topics covered by coach and former footballer Arsene Wenger . A player thinks about himself and what he is going to do in games and matches, while the coach must think and analyze the whole, work as a team, study the competitors and see the possible alternatives. His talk highlights his experiences in competitive and championship football as a successful professional coach in the English football league.

The final word

Employees and athletes are people who give life to the activities they carry out because they are methodical, persevering, passionate and want to be the first in their discipline. Through their history, athletes can be a tremendous source of inspiration for your employees, transmitting to them the values ​​of sport and surpassing oneself.

And you can easily walk in in contact with these leading personalities simply by going through a speaker agency.

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