Sophie Marceau is a fan of this organic botox gel for less than 50 euros

Published on July 19, 2022 at 2:18 p.m.

Sophie Marceau is a fan of this organic botox gel for less than 50 euros

Sophie Marceau is a fan of this organic botox gel for less than 50 euros – © cyril moreau / bestimgae

Adopted by many celebrities like Sophie Marceau, Kate Middleton or even Michelle Obama, this organic botox gel is undoubtedly the super care of the stars. Zoom on this anti-wrinkle product.

Could this be the secret of celebrity youth? It may well be so. For several years, many stars have trusted a so-called “miracle” beauty product: the organic botox gel from the Biotulin brand. Top of the list? Sophie Marceau. Asked by the magazine “Femme Actuelle”, the actress confided that she never had recourse to the botox ” Certainly not. I use an organic botox gel: Biotulin. It has nothing to do with botox. It is a herbal gel that acts directly against wrinkles. I will never use botox, if only because of the formation of an unnatural mask on the face,” she explained.

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What is Biotulin organic botox gel?

Sophie Marceau, Madonna, Kate Middleton or even Michelle Obama… Many celebrities praise the merits of this organic botox gel from the Biotulin brand. On the program: a serum in the form of a gel composed essentially of spilanthol, a local anesthetic obtained by extraction from the Acmella Oleracea plant (Para watercress). According to experts, this gel would offer a result comparable to that of a botox treatment, but with a much less complicated application, since it is applied directly to the skin and not injected. “The new composition of active ingredients Biotulin, developed in California, certainly does not have the same degree of effectiveness as a dermatological treatment, but leads – to the extent of its possibilities as a cosmetic product – to similar results. Above all, it is much more pleasant and less complicated than a cosmetic treatment and you can apply it yourself,” explains the brand on its official website.

How to apply it?

Considered a “vegetable and organic Botox”, this gel is regularly used in South America as a traditional remedy to promote wound healing. Otherwise, it is applied like a traditional serum on previously cleansed skin. But beware, for real effects, the brand would like to remind you that it is essential to use it daily. Concretely, the active ingredients will be absorbed by the upper layers of the skin, the facial features will be firmed and smoothed. The little extra? Botox gel is currently on sale (€37.49 instead of €49.99). We take advantage of it!

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