Sleepy eyes: the coolest girls’ new makeup trend?

Published on August 04, 2022 at 5:55 p.m.

Sleepy eyes: the coolest girls' new makeup trend?

Sleepy eyes: the coolest girls’ new makeup trend? – ©Instagram @hayley_bui

A new make-up trend is emerging on the networks: that of sleepy eyes. Decryption.

We know it, the tiktokeuses of the whole world rack their brains to find us always more ideas question make-up. After highlighting the technique of foxy eyesthen that of siren eyes for elongated eyes like those mythological creatures that are mermaids, a new movement seems to be becoming the new trend to adopt: sleepy eyes. With a #sleepyeyes hashtag garnering over 72 million views, this easy-to-apply technique is fast becoming the hottest trend right now.

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How to reproduce sleepy eyes?

As its name suggests, the principle is to obtain a tired look… Yes, like during the first minutes upon waking, when our eyes are not completely open. For this, it is therefore necessary to create elongated eyes. Some will find it ultra-glamorous, while others a little less… It’s a matter of taste!
For the first (the coolest of course), here’s how to create this simple makeup look:
First, apply a smoky brown shadow on the outside of the eyelid, as well as under the eyes. Apply the same blush to the upper hollow of the eye. The goal here: to create shadows all around our eyes for an illusion of dark circles.
Secondly, we draw a line of eyeliner straight, again only at the tip of the eye. Then, under it, we apply a little black kohl pencil – with particular emphasis on the end – which we then blend.
Finally, a shot mascara black on all the eyelashes (lower and upper) to bring depth to our eyes. And voila !

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