Semi-permanent manicure: Bella Hadid’s trick to make it last

Published on July 20, 2022 at 11:34 am

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid – ©instagram @bellahadid

The model swears by this simple touch-up to extend the life of her semi-permanent manicure.

The semi-permanent manicure is one of the favorite options of many celebrities. Long-lasting hold, ultra-shiny finish and quick drying, it allows you to display flawless nails for at least 2 weeks. Only problem? The unattractive demarcation that settles between the varnish and the edge of the nail when the latter begins to grow back. Fortunately, we have discovered a trick that can extend the life of your manicure. Adopted by Bella Hadidthis fairly simple technique only requires a cuticle pusher and a classic varnish of the same color as your semi-permanent.

Cheating by camouflaging the demarcation

On her Instagram account, Bella Hadid appeared with XXL red nails in almond shape. And looking closer, it seems that this manicure is not new. “You notice it by the relief: the birth of the nails is flat while from the middle you can see a more curved shape” assures Judith García, founder of a home nail care company during an interview. with the Spanish version of “Vogue”. Indeed, to camouflage the demarcation due to the regrowth of her nails, Bella Hadid used a very effective trick. It could not be easier. Push back your cuticles using a suitable tool then apply a base and two coats of classic nail polish in the same color as the semi-permanent over the entire nail. Finish with a coat of top coat to boost shine. Your manicure is (almost) like new.

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