Self-tanning shower: is mist tanning really effective?

Straight from the United States, spray tanning, also called tanning or self-tanning shower, has become in a few years a real alternative to traditional tanning. Subject to various criticisms, this type ofspray tan still raises many questions. Miracle beauty gesture or aesthetic misstep? We take stock for you.

What is spray tanning?

Sprayed in very fine droplets, a DHA-based lotion (obtained by bioconversion of corn or sugar cane) is applied to the entire body (the face may or may not be included in the program) in a cabin provided for this purpose. effect. It is neither more nor less than a self-tanning shower. In less than a minute, the spray is complete and your skin is subtly golden.

The course of a self-tanning shower session

First of all, the beautician will review with you the intensity of the Sun tanning desired and the desired areas. After giving you disposable briefs and a charlotte, she explains the postures to perform during the session. Arm raised, eyes closed, rotational movements and other essential indications for an even result.

The self-tanning shower: how long does it last?

According to skin types and their degree of dryness, the mist tan will last longer or shorter. Generally, after a week, the tan begins to fade because the DHA remains on the surface and does not penetrate the epidermis.

Who is it for ?

In tanning centers or aesthetic institutes that offer this technique, it is possible to choose the desired level of tan. Both light skin and dark skin can therefore use mist tanning.

Effective and fast, this technique is very successful with people who urgently undertake their beauty treatment before the summer. This method is practical for obtaining a tanned complexion as soon as you wish and for a short time. An ideal alternative to repeated and excessive UV sessions!

Spray tanning is a method without UV exposure, which also allows people who suffer from sun allergies to have a nice tanned complexion.

How much does it cost ?

If you want a face and body mist tan, the price of the session varies between €25 and €35. For an effect looking good, you can opt for a spray tanning session only for the face and décolleté. Count on average between 6€ and 15€ per session.


Apart from the aesthetic benefit, mist tanning is the best way to have a tanned and even complexion without having to be subjected to the harmful effects of UV rays. No more unsightly swimsuit marks, redness, allergies and other illnesses cutaneous. On average, a session lasts less than 10 minutes, the opportunity for you to give yourself a dream complexion during your lunch break.

The disadvantages of the self-tanning shower

Although very effective and appreciated by beautystas, the self-tanning shower has some small drawbacks. Quick to obtain, the mist tan is fairly short-lived and requires several sessions if you want to keep your tanned complexion all summer long.

In addition, the main disadvantage of spray tanning remains the possible appearance of traces. If the advice recommended by the beautician prior to the session is not strictly followed, it is possible to have a more intense color at the level of the elbows, ankles, between the fingers or in the “folds”.

Conclusion, not to look like Ross in “Friends”:

– Perform many exfoliations before the session
– Moisturize the skin well

See :

– Be carefully shaved
– Respect the indications of the beautician

What interview?

It takes about 5 to 7 hours for the self-tanner to dry completely. Avoid wearing too tight clothes and underwear after the session.

Do not shower or engage in sporting activities for at least 6 hours (rather 8 or 10 hours) after the self-tanning shower.

Moisturize your skin daily to prolong your tan and avoid exfoliation during the week following the session.

Tanning is not natural, the skin is not prepared for the sun, it is therefore IMPERATIVE to continue to protect your skin from UV rays To do this, we adopt a Solar cream to tan safely.

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