Sectors recruiting in Quebec

Quebec is a province constantly looking for workers. If you are looking for a job in Quebec, discover the sectors most in demand and don’t wait any longer to apply and make a difference!

The supply chain, or supply chain

The supply chain – or supply chain – is a sector in high demand. A key player in the production of goods, the field requires labor to fight against the domino effect that could result from a shortage of workers. Many positions make up the supply chain, especially if you include suppliers and partners in a chain.

Among others, the professions in demand include:

  • Supply Chain Manager,
  • Supply Chain Financial Analyst,
  • main buyer,
  • Provisioner.
If you are looking for a supply job offerturn to specialists in the sector for the best advice and find a job as quickly as possible.


All health-related services are under research in Quebec. If you have training in the field, you certainly have something to work on quickly. In particular, the following positions are in high demand:

  • Male nurse,
  • Caregiver,
  • Pharmacy Technical Assistant,
  • A biomedical engineer.
  • Building

The manual trades also recruit a lot in Quebec. Regulated by the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ), 26 construction jobs require a competency certificate from this same Commission, a minimum age of 16 and 30 hours of training to complete.

If you are a foreign worker, it is therefore advisable to contact the CCQ before your departure to find out from them the procedures to follow. Be that as it may, this sector has a strong need for labour. Consider the following professions:

  • carpenter-joiner,
  • Tinsmith,
  • cement worker,
  • Plumber.
  • The IT sector

Constantly evolving following the advent of new technologies, the field of IT is always recruiting more and more, regardless of where you live. Many companies have established their premises in Quebec, more particularly in the large city of Montreal.

  • Full Stack Developer,
  • Programmer,
  • Network Administrator,
  • Data analyst.
The advantage of the IT field is that it is possible to telecommute either completely, or a good part of the time if necessary. Consult a IT recruitment firm if you are looking for a job in the sector in Quebec. Firms can help you prepare your file to ensure you get a job faster!

Give all you have!

Make sure to take care of your CV and to be in tune with the expectations of recruiters when you apply. Employers are looking in Quebec and need quick help: be the solution!

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