SARL status: for which activities

You made the decision to start a business very soon. Among the legal statuses, you have opted for the creation of a SARL. This status certainly has many advantages, but it is only recommended for a given category of activities.

The flexibility of the LLC

The SARL (Limited Liability Company) allows the entrepreneur to carry out different kinds of commercial activities. With this status, it is even possible to carry out various activities at the same time as long as they are legal and authorized by the status. It is also possible to start a new activity after the Company creation. It will suffice to organize a General Assembly with a view to modifying the statutes.

As activities, we find among others:

  • The purchase and resale of goods;

  • Rental or management of sports equipment;

  • Rental or provision of transport equipment.

As indicated Culture-Entrepreneurthe activity of a SARL represents in the statutes its social object. It is from the latter that INSEE assigns an APE code to your company. Several activities or a general term of activities can be found as being your social object. However, there will be one main activity.

Fortunately, with the SARL, you can carry out commercial activities in many sectors. However, you will not be able to open an LLC for activities in the field of insurance, savings, tobacco trading and other similar sectors.

Some advantages of this legal status

When creating an LLC, the amount of share capital starting point remains very low. In this sense, opting for an LLC allows a faster and less expensive creation of your company. In addition, it is easier with an LLC to make changes in legal status. The SARL also offers many tax benefits to the manager, but also to his associates.

In addition, the status of SARL allows you to get out of it better when you embark on one of the following projects:

We don’t forget the family SARL either, which can easily invest in a real estate project as a non-professional furnished rental company.

Who can open an LLC?

Anyone can decide to open an LLC. It can be a natural or legal person. The same is true for partners who wish to join a SARL. There is no noticeable age or nationality limitation.

The SARL is a company which consists of a manager and at least two partners. In legislation, you can even go up to 99 associates. the the head office may settle at the domicile of the manager. The company also benefits from a long existence (99 years).

The SARL engages the responsibility of the members only according to the respective contributions of each one. Once the company is in operation, it is also according to these contributions that the shares proceeds from the receipts belong to whom of right.

The SARL also remains a fairly broad status which has its own assets. Of course, this status also has some disadvantages, but remains the most used for commercial activities. The latter benefit from a more flexible execution framework.

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