Reverse smokey eye or the trick to achieve a smoky eye for sure

Published on August 22, 2022 at 6:31 p.m.

Reverse smokey eye or the trick to achieve a smoky eye for sure

Reverse smokey eye or the trick to achieve a smoky eye for sure – ©iMaxtree

Get smokey eyes in no time? Easier said than done. Unless we indulge in the reverse smokey eye technique.

In the beauty sphere, the smokey eye is a makeup must-have on the same scale as the little black dress in fashion. Thanks to its elegant and sophisticated effect, we love to wear it for all our evenings. His only flaw? Its realization. Indeed, a little too much black makeup that overflows and the chic of our make-up can very quickly turn cheap. Fortunately for us, many techniques thought out by make-up artists or influencers – true beautistas at heart – are available to master this complex art. The latest: the reverse smokey eye.

@poopiblh The PERFECT reverse smokey eye technique!!! OMG I agree 100%! #makeup #makeuptutorial #crashtest #technical #omg #beautytok #fyp ♬ Pon De Replay – Ed Marquis & Emie

The reverse smokey eye: kézako?

This trick consists in coming to define our smoky eye with the help of a concealer. The TikTok influencer @poopiblh gives us in a 33-second video all the secrets of this technique to succeed for sure our smokey eye.
The young woman begins by roughly applying an iridescent brown make-up on her entire eyelid, as well as on her lower lash line. She then explains the whole principle of the technique: “the goal is not to worry about makeup and to put it everywhere”. It is after that that the serious things begin.
Using a flat brush, she applies a line of concealer (which she chooses a shade lighter than her skin tone) diagonally, starting from the outer corner of her eye towards her temples. This movement allows the influencer to draw and define the outline of her smokey eyes. She therefore applies her concealer partly on her iridescent make-up. She then blends her concealer downwards, before blending it in with a larger brush. She then picks up her flat brush, and applies her concealer under the line of her eyebrows – always with the idea of ​​delineating her smokey eye. Then, as before, she blurs it to blend it perfectly. And voila ! No need to spend hours in front of your mirror or use tape – or other paper – to achieve a perfect smokey eye: the concealer will now be our best ally.
However, this technique seems to be perfectly feasible when using shadows in shades of brown. The black make-up could indeed leave residues too deep to be camouflaged only thanks to a concealer.

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