Reduce your energy bill: 5 advantages of the energy broker

More and more companies are realizing the benefits of switching energy suppliers to get the best prices. Furthermore, for most companies switching energy suppliers is a difficult task because they don’t have the time, resources or expertise to find the best deal. Then an energy broker is exactly the right contact for you. He alone has in-depth knowledge of the energy market, the price structures and the countless offers from energy suppliers with their different contractual conditions.

It is possible to carry out an energy analysis of your premises yourself, but it is a lot of work. Here are some questions you’ll need to answer to determine whether it’s best to manage your energy needs yourself or outsource them to an energy broker:

  • Do you have the time to do thorough research?
  • Is your energy consumption a large part of your cost base?
  • Do you have the necessary knowledge to negotiate favorable rates?
  • If your company’s energy consumption is going badly, will you know how to get it back on track?

If you are perfectly happy with your current energy supplier, have a long-term fixed contract and know how to monitor and analyze the energy market tariff offer, you can probably continue to manage your own own energy contract. But if you are unable to do so, read on.

5 ways an energy broker can help your business

1. Energy brokers can get better prices

When a person sells a product (be it a car, art or electricity), the asking price is influenced by competition. Without competition, the price would increase indefinitely.

Energy brokers create competition. When multiple energy suppliers are forced to compete for a contract with your company, you save money. Many suppliers will offer energy brokers a lower price because they know they are competing. So that lowers the prices.

Another reason why energy suppliers offer better prices to energy brokers is that energy brokers also have a large portfolio of customers that they can refer to suppliers.

2. Energy Brokers Offer In-Depth Market Expertise You May Not Have

Some companies use outside legal advisers, accountants, IT consultants or marketing agencies. They seek them either because it is difficult to hire this expertise full-time internally, or because these companies have discovered that outsourcing can save them time and money.

Do the same! Why should you treat your energy purchase differently?

Ask yourself if there is a person in your company who is responsible for purchasing energy, and if so, does this person really have:

  • The time or the experience to compare the many energy offers?
  • Time to read and understand the fine print of each energy contract?
  • Time to follow the evolution of the energy markets?
  • Time to analyze quotes from different suppliers and look for ways to reduce your company’s energy consumption?
  • The expertise required to identify the right offer for your business?
For example, leading energy brokers like Atoo Energyleader in its market, has solid expertise adapted to all markets:
  • Craftsmen, merchants
  • Farmers
  • VSE / SME / SMI / Large companies
  • Liberal professions
  • Hotels, Restaurants,
  • Campsites
  • Condominium trustees
  • Parishes, Associations
  • Communities, public establishments

In addition, Atoo experts support professionals in all stages of their energy transition to:

  • Better understand your energy contracts
  • Reduce the amount of your electricity and gas bills
  • Control the consumption of your premises
  • Develop your environmental policy
  • Assess your company’s eligibility for premiums (CEE premium) and exemptions (CSPE and TICGN)
  • And many other solutions.

3. Energy brokers can set the strategic direction of your energy consumption

Energy brokers don’t just find the cheapest energy price. The best energy brokers take the time to understand the complexity of your operations, the future needs of your business, and the resulting energy needs. They will propose an energy supply and management strategy to meet your requirements with a consideration of risk management.

Only after completing this process will the energy broker recommend the best energy suppliers and contracts that meet your needs. This approach ensures that your energy supply contracts result in long-term cost savings. A reputable energy broker will use their knowledge of the market and experience in purchasing energy to make you save time, money and resources. This includes :

  • Collect a lot of data to give you an accurate view of the energy supplier market.
  • Browse the energy market to find the most suitable gas and electricity contracts for your business.
  • Analyze the influencing factors of the wholesale market in order to choose the right time to make a purchase.
  • Negotiate prices and contract terms on your behalf, clarify terms and conditions.
  • Make recommendations to help you choose the new contract length, vendor, pricing structure, etc.
  • Set up and manage multi-site contracts.
  • And others.

4. Energy brokers can take on the complexity of energy market supply

There are many energy providers across the country, each with their own pros and cons. A few energy suppliers dominate the market, but many smaller suppliers can be original with their energy offers. Knowing which supplier has the right expertise and solutions for your business is a complex task for the energy broker.

Energy suppliers differ in the energy contracts they offer. Each offers fixed contracts, flexible contracts, variable tariffs, block tariffs, peak and off-peak tariffs, green energy, and more. Each energy supplier therefore has different conditions in their contracts. Contracts often contain clauses that can affect the final cost of the energy you purchase. These depend on wholesale gas and electricity prices at the time the price is quoted and reflect different views on future forecasts. Faced with this complexity, energy brokers are able to analyze the energy market and provide you with as much detail as you need on your best options.

Perhaps the biggest cost difference for businesses in terms of energy is when you need to establish a new contract. With energy prices constantly moving up and then down, timing and monitoring market declines can make a difference of thousands of dollars. Good energy brokers have the market intelligence and market monitoring software to enable their clients to engage at favorable times.

5. Energy brokers can take over the management of complex contracts with suppliers

Energy brokers can instruct your contract and bills to ensure you are billed the correct amount for the energy you use.

In the event of a dispute, the energy broker can even solve the problem on your behalf. Additionally, energy brokers stay one step ahead of rapidly changing deregulated energy markets by keeping an eye on regulatory changes, the latest technological advancements and new cost structures.

The final word

Energy is becoming more and more expensive. This applies in particular in France, because our tax burden is the highest in the world and electricity in particular occupies one of the first places in the world. With the introduction of the CO2 tax, these prices will continue to rise.

Nevertheless, rreducing your energy bill is not impossible! Lhe liberalization of the energy market has led to price wars, which have lowered significantly the costs. The downside for businesses is that many providers fight for their favors and offer countless price offers. It is then difficult for companies to find their way around and identify the best offer.

The task of an energy broker is to bring the synthesis of these offers to companies. he compares hundreds of suppliers and tries to identify the best electricity or gas rates for his client. To do this, the energy broker has precise information and tools enabling him to compare energy market offers in real time to help you take advantage of all the advantages it offers.

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