“Oval lip-lining”: the ultimate tip for luscious lips

Published on September 02, 2022 at 11:42

Oval lip-lining: the ultimate tip for luscious lips

Oval lip-lining: the ultimate tip for luscious lips – ©instagram @stxph.h

Spotted on TikTok, this technique allows you to obtain a fuller mouth in a few seconds. Demonstration.

Since the end of the wearing of the mask, the lips are again at the center of all attention. If some do not hesitate to go through the box scalpel to display a luscious and well-drawn mouth, others favor homemade, ephemeral and painless tricks. For this, it is possible to bet on a plumping gloss full of hyaluronic acid or to use a lip liner to redraw their contour by overflowing slightly. But, the social network TikTok has just brought to light a new makeup technique which consists of redrawing your lips in the shape of a circle to maximize the curve. Dubbed “oval lip-lining”, this trick already has more than 63 million views.

@stxph.h Love this technique for a natural pout! But I wonder how this would look with a bolder lip color? ib: @katiahaek #liplinerhack #makeuptips #makeupinspo #lipout ♬ original sound – stephhui

How it works ?

To reproduce this trick, nothing could be simpler. Get a lip liner that’s similar in color to your lips. Make two vertical lines, one on Cupid’s bow, the other on the lower lip. Then connect the two lines by forming a circle on the mouth and blur the excess pencil using a cotton swab. Your lips instantly look fuller. To finish, apply a little gloss in the center of the lips to increase the “plumpy” effect tenfold and you’re done!

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