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At the beach, by the sea, and even in town, it is essential to protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun by adopting suitable sun protection. And this becomes even more important when the summer season comes to the fore. If to coat oneself with Solar cream is a gesture (more or less) anchored in the collective unconscious, the act of protecting our hair is much less so. And yet, the star that warms us is as harmful for our mane as it is for our skin, just like salt water from the sea and chlorinated water from the swimming pool, for that matter. Faced with these summer external aggressions, it is therefore important to adopt an oil or a sunscreen spray specific to the hair. Justine Sellin, hairdressing expert at Eugène Perma, sheds some light on the subject.

Why should we protect our hair from the sun in summer?

“Our hair hates everything we love on vacation, begins by explaining the expert. Ultraviolet rays, salt water, chlorinated water are not vacations for our manes! “. And in the face of these attacks, they can very quickly deteriorate. “Depending on the state and nature of our hair, the damage can be more or less significant,” she continues. On natural hair: dryness and knots can be present. On hair that has received a technique such as coloring or scanning, the damage may be greater. We think in particular of hair dehydration which leads to the straw effect that we hate so much, the appearance of split ends or even hair breakage.

This is why we turn to a sunscreen for hair. Its goal ? Create a veil on the outside of the hair and close its scales so that the rays do not reach the cuticles and its cortex, in other words its heart.

How to choose the right sun protection for the hair?

In terms of sun protection for our manes, the choice is wide. And if there are sun oils, the expert recommends turning instead to light two-phase formulas in the form of a spray for thin hair and milks or creams for colored hair and thick, fond of richer texture.

In addition, it is important to note that “hair oils and sunscreens only protect the fiber and not the scalp”. So to avoid the Sun burn, especially on the parting or the top of the skull, Justine Sellin recommends turning to sun care for the face. According to her, the use of stick sun creams “allows you to target just the area to be protected”. But let’s not forget that the best way to counter the harmful effects of the sun is to wear a hat, a scarf, a bob, a cap or even a bathing cap.

How to properly apply this hair protection?

To start, we therefore apply sun protection for the face or body on the exposed areas of skin (particularly the parting and top of the skull). Then, we move on to the lengths with the dedicated protection that we spray about 15 centimeters from the hair. The pro advises to always have your shield spray in your beach or pool bag. And in terms of frequency, then? “I spray it on my hair every time I put sunscreen on my body”, in other words every two hours or after each swim.

Last tip from the pro: “take advantage of applying the treatment to detangle hair before opting for hairstyles like a bun or braids which tend to protect the hair”.

How to properly remove the protection, in the evening?

“If you have used protection during the day on dry hair during a beach or pool session, it is necessary to wash your hair in the evening, specifies the hairdresser. The accumulation of layers of product that can suffocate the fibre”. The good news ? “Hair sunscreens tend to wash out well.” For this, we therefore turn to an after-sun shampoo specially designed to treat exposed hair or even to a “ micellar shampoo whose micelles help to remove pollution and fatty residues from the product”. Then, we go through the application of a mask or a conditioner. “Besides, if it is essential to rinse hair sun protection well, you can, conversely, keep your mask on the day before during your day at the beach. The latter has a protective role against aggressions such as chlorine and salt, and does not risk degrading and damaging the fiber in the sun”. On the other hand, it is not a sun protection strictly speaking!

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Our selection of oils and sun sprays for the hair

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