Optical Illusion Mani, the new nail art trend for our nails

Published on September 01, 2022 at 12:12 p.m.

Optical Illusion Mani, the new nail art trend for our nails – © Instagram @brushedbyb_

Want to stand out in terms of manicure? We may have found the nail trend that will make the difference for the start of the 2022 school year. On the program? The optical illusion. Advice and inspiration.

It is the exception that proves the rule. While in this fall of 2022, manicure trends seemed to be calming down, propelling monochrome nail polish to the top of the list, it seems that the nail art has not said its last word. And for good reason, so-called “optical illusion” nails are attracting more and more nailistas. In any case, this is confirmed by the hashtag #opticalillusionnails, which has more than 3 million views on Tik Tok. But what exactly is this new trend? An ultra-vitamin manicure (even if some prefer darker shades, and with autumn approaching, we can’t say no) playing on shadow and light and including a french manicure revisited.

How to reproduce this optical illusion manicure?

If we advise you to go to an institute to achieve this somewhat technical manicure, we are aware that some of you are real pros when it comes to nail art. It is, therefore, quite possible to try the experience at home.

The principle : create a soft gradient in the center of the nail with a dark varnish and a lighter varnish. A color gradient that then reverses and invites itself into a revisited French manicure at the end of the nail.

The tools : two varnishes (one dark and one lighter), a small sponge and an ultra-fine brush.

Steps : apply an even coat of varnish in the darkest color over the entire nail. On the sponge, place the dark ink next to the light ink and tap everything on the nail, which creates the first gradient. For the twist at the free edge of the nail, use a fine brush to delimit (using a clear line) the location of the revisited french. Then, fill in this part on the outside of the nail with dark varnish on one side and light varnish on the other. The important thing here is to reverse the two shades with respect to the base to create the optical illusion that gives the manicure its name. Finally, blend this small part with the sponge to blur the result. It’s all over!

Our most beautiful optical illusion nail inspirations

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