Online chartered accountant for freelancers, what advantages and what costs?

Are you a consultant, coach or trainer? Every month you are busy with receipts, invoices, client lists and communication with your tax advisor. In addition, receipts and invoices flood in, and this process repeats itself over and over again.

In order to be able to relieve you of such time-consuming work, there is a solution: online accounting. Online accounting has both advantages and disadvantages. However, if you decide to take the plunge, it is important to first determine the benefits that an online accountant could bring you.

Does online accounting make sense for your business?

Resort to a freelance accountant is it for you? In addition, if you want to digitize your accounting, it takes time and preparation to study the best way to make the transition optimal during this process. For this, it is useful to seek advice from accountants before implementing the first measures.
Online accounting brings many advantages. The online accountants take care of all the tasks related to tax declarations. You upload all the essential documents to a secure Cloud space so that the experts have access to them and carry out your accounting. That avoids face-to-face meetings or expensive costs of sending documents. Independent consultants and freelancers can thus do all their online financial accounting. You need fewer paper documents because you mainly work with digital documents. This significantly reduces costs and facilitates traceability.

Online chartered accountant: what are the main advantages?

Online accounting offers a way of collaborating that is different from what can be done traditionally. It brings great benefits to consultants, coaches or trainers for accounting management that requires few tools and infrastructure. Here are the most important benefits of hiring an online accountant:

Less storage costs

Invoices and receipts must be kept for a certain period of time, according to the law. The tax authorities determine this retention obligation for companies, and this also concerns electronic data. In most of the cases, you must keep records of transactions for 10 years. During this period, large quantities of documents accumulate, and you have to store these documents somewhere. When you digitize your accounting, your cabinets full of old invoices and files will be a thing of the past.

Online accounting is faster

Anyone who digitizes their accounting often uses different accounting software. This software makes it easier for you to assign receipts to the correct accounts. Some software even offers automatic accounting that learns using artificial intelligence. This minimizes sources of error, the accounting effort is reduced, and so you can focus on other tasks.

A simple, fast and secure transmission of data to the accountant

Normally, you collect invoices and receipts throughout the year, and these more or less end up on your accountant’s desk or on your desk, if you wish to do the financial statements yourself.

Either way, it costs you time or money, or both. With online accounting you have several advantages:

  • The transmission of data to an accountant is done in 1 click
  • The probability of losing documents is greatly reduced, if not zero

In addition, your accountant gets the data properly prepared. This means that he does not have to spend an unnecessarily long time sorting through documents, but can start the actual work directly.

A better overview and control of your finances

The more incoming and outgoing invoices you have in your business, the less easy it is to track your internal finances. However, if you record and process them in online accounting software, you can better monitor your income and expenses. In any case, a good online accounting service should be able to offer a clear financial dashboard with daily updated figures as this gives you the opportunity to properly assess the current situation of the business at any time.

Automation potential

Online accounting is the sine qua non to be able to take advantage of other technical advantages, such as certain automations. This mainly concerns redundant work tasks that take a relatively large amount of time. With the help of automation, you can quickly generate quotes and invoices or you no longer need to enter accounting movements and letter accounts, a simple document scan is enough. This frees up your time to focus on other more important matters.

Efficient and at a lower cost: find the best accountant online

The advantage of using an online accountant is obvious: self-employed people use this service to design more professional and efficient accounting, without wasting time. You don’t have to laboriously sort through all the documents in your files and haul them to an accounting firm. Instead, you upload all of the documents online, then the accountant can log into the online platform and make corrections if needed.

Online accounting software solutions are also characterized by their user-friendliness. The risk of errors is reduced thanks to detailed explanations and well-structured input templates. In comparison, self-employed people who use an Excel spreadsheet to calculate their financial statements are exposed to a high risk of incorrect entries.

In terms of costs, there is another argument in favor of online accountants. Most experts set varying prices for the different service packages. First, these are lower than the prices charged by physical practices. Secondly, consultants and freelancers can better plan their budget because they know the costs in advance. While in many physical accounting firms, invoices are sent after the service has been rendered, which can therefore create unpleasant surprises.

In terms of supply, there are several online accounting firms established on the French market. We will cite among others Naolink which is a well-known example.

Freelancers and consultants always choose the best offer by comparing service providers. An important criterion are the prices, which usually depend on the scope of the services, the annual turnover and the legal form of the company.

There is often transparent information about this on the home pages of online accounting websites, as well as fee calculators for some websites. Consultants and freelancers can therefore analyze the specific offer proposed by the accountant themselves. For example, Naolink offers 6 offers:




Consultant and freelancer

From 78€ excl. VAT/month

Commitment accounting and taxation
4 counseling appointments
Management and simulation tools
· Creation of your quotes and invoices
Management of your expense reports

Furnished rental LMP / LMNP

From €34 excl. VAT /month

· Accounting and taxation
· Creation of rent invoices
· Submission of supporting documents via the smartphone application

Craftsman and merchant

From €143 excl. VAT/month

· Accounting and taxation
4 counseling appointments
· Creation of your quotes and invoices
· Cash management
Management of your expense reports


From €25 excl. VAT/month

· Accounting and taxation
· Creation of rent invoices
· Submission of supporting documents via the smartphone application
Establishment of your annual legal


From 30€ excl. VAT/month

· Accounting and taxation
Management and simulation tool
Establishment of your annual legal

Individual business creation

From 150€ excl. VAT/month

· Advice from legal experts
· Support for financial investment
Registration formality
Filing of the file with the CFE

Note that if you use online accounting, you no longer need to print invoices that are already available online. It also saves printing and paper costs.

The final word

With just a few clicks, you can access intuitive online accounting tools and an online accountant who knows your business. In addition to contact by e-mail, good accountants will offer you videoconferences and a telephone hotline. He will be able to provide you with personalized advice adapted to your business and its specificities. This is a real asset in terms of saving time and safety.

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