On the networks, the dye for eyebrows now acts as a lip pencil

Published on July 05, 2022 at 10:39

On the networks, the dye for eyebrows now acts as a lip pencil

On the networks, eyebrow tint is now used as a lip liner – ©Instagram @barbieferreira

On TikTok, an amazing make-up tip is making the buzz. It involves using eyebrow tint on the lips to draw their contour semi-permanently. But is it really safe?

Beauty addicts have struck again. After the trick to soothe sunburn, the discovery of the most popular foundation of the moment and the ultimate technique for XXL eyelashes, our lips are the center of attention. Indeed, TikTok users have highlighted a trick that allows you to obtain a semi-permanent lip contour for several days. The principle ? Use eyebrow tint as a lip liner. Apparently, according to TikTok users, you can semi-permanently tint your brows and liner your lips for up to three days using the Long-Wear Brow Ink.” Tattoo Brow by Maybelline New York.


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But how does eyebrow ink work on the lips?

Content creator @sacheu swears by the eyebrow pencils to draw the outline of her lips. In a video viewed almost 2 million times, she demonstrates how to use Maybelline’s “Tattoo Brow”. She begins by depositing the product following the natural contour of her lips. After 20 minutes, she peels off the dried dye and removes the excess product with a make-up remover wipe. If the result is quite spectacular, it is normal to wonder if this misuse of eyebrow tint is safe. “The Tattoo Brow contains food coloring that can be applied to the lips. On the other hand, in the event of an allergy, consumers will not be able to turn to the manufacturer since they do not respect the precautions for use, “says the chemist Ginger King during an exchange with the magazine “Allure”. . We take notes.

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