On social networks, the makeup trend is sad faces

Published on October 27, 2022 at 12:44 p.m.

On social networks, the makeup trend is sad faces

Madelaine Petsch cries on Instagram – © madelame

Hey Siri, play “Pretty When You Cry” by Lana Del Rey for reading this article.

Yes, you read that right. On social networks, the trend is for tears. Or rather, the post-grief faces. Called “Crying makeup”, this new phenomenon – rather surprising, let’s be honest – consists of accentuating the (physical) effects of a crying session. Shiny eyes, red cheeks and lips, wet look skin will therefore be part of our next beauty treatments. In the dock? Zoe Kim Kenealy, a content creator who makes the TikTok app her favorite playground. “This video is for unstable girls. Have you noticed how beautiful we are when we cry? “begins the young woman. “Anyway, if you’re not in the mood to cry, here’s how to achieve this look with makeup.” Step number 1: get luscious lips reddened by tears. For this, the pro uses a gloss of the same color as her mouth, upgraded with a lip liner that she blurs on the contour. Later, she adds a touch of gloss. Then, make way for pink blush applied to the eyelids of course, but also to the tip of the nose and the cheeks. The complexion should be rosy like when you re-look at Rose not leaving enough room for Jack on the wooden board. The highlight of the show? The glittery liquid highlighter used on the lower lash line as well as on the eyelids, cheeks and cupid’s bow. And, it is clear that we get the perfect face of the sad (but stylish) girl.

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What do we think?

The author of her lines must confess: yes, she has already watched herself cry. And yes, she liked it. After a mental break down, two teams clash. Those who, like our tiktokeuse, display a rather luminous complexion, rosy like a baby and those who have the overly puffy eyes to see the light of day. Obviously, we will not ask them for a make-up tutorial. For others, on the other hand, curiosity about “crying makeup” continues to increase. As of this writing, the hashtag has over 5 million views. For its part, the video of Zoe Kim Kenealy has been liked by more than 500 thousand users. We will have understood: this winter, we do not hold back our tears because crying is definitely good.

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