New Year’s Eve hairstyle: 35 New Year’s Eve hairstyle ideas that amaze us

The end of year celebrations are fast approaching. And if this year, we doubled our imagination to find THE party hairstyle original and easy to make? Voluptuous curls, precious headband and ribbon in the hair, we pull out all the stops by drawing inspiration from these 35 models of hairstyles for New Year’s Eve spotted for you on Pinterest and on the catwalks.

New Years Eve hairstyle for short hair

Short hair also allows itself pretty worked hairstyles. The boyish cut can be worn sometimes very short, sometimes degraded or even unstructured. Effortless effect, flattened, tousled…. There really is something for everyone. For more eccentricity, we dare the sublime wet hair. This wet look hairstyle is one of the trends that remains. Ideal on a short cut, it will be a sensation throughout the evening.

New Years Eve hairstyle for long hair

Long hair allows for a lot of hairstyles that are easy to achieve. From evening hairstyles the most elegant: the braided crown, the sophisticated low chignon or even the high smooth ponytail. But on New Year’s Eve, it’s also an opportunity to show off a pretty loose mane. Wavy or ultra smooth, we leave our hair free as air. The trick: we boost the volume of our hairstyle with a parting on the side.

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New Year’s Eve hairstyle with accessory

The accessory is the essential tool to dress up our New Year’s Eve hairstyle. A velvet scrunchie, an elegant ribbon tied around a bun, a headpiece on loose hair, a headband for a bohemian spirit… We use and abuse accessories. The little extra? Choose a model that matches your evening dress.

Discover 35 New Year’s Eve hairstyle inspirations to help you in your preparation.

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