Mustache waxing: which technique to choose to wax your lips

Updated on July 26, 2022 at 4:14 p.m.

Mustache waxing: which method to choose?

Mustache waxing: which method to choose? – © Imaxtree

Facial hair is a reality for 90% of women, especially in the upper lip area, also known as the mustache area. What hair removal technique to choose when the little down turns into a big complex? Advice from Nina Roos, dermatologist.


Mustache waxing with tweezers

For mini duvets and small daily touch-ups, tweezers are an excellent ally. “The tweezers have the advantage of plucking one hair after the other, which makes it possible not to overflow the area and not to stimulate a growth of down on the periphery, contrary to what can be done with wax or epilator “, emphasizes Nina Roos. For optimal results, hair removal with tweezers is done after showering, when the skin is well cleansed and a little warm to facilitate removal. On the contrary, we avoid waxing when we are cold or when we come back from sports, the muscles being contracted and retaining the hair. Finally, we refrain from scratching and going deep into the small hairs that have not really come out so as not to create wounds or pimples. “Hair does not grow in phase. It’s tempting to track down the smallest hair, but it’s a bad idea because repeated and irritating gestures tend to stimulate hair growth,” warns the expert.

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Discoloration can easily be done at home with kits sold in drugstores or supermarkets. It is recommended for fine and light hair. For the darker ones, beware of colorings that turn red and which could give an even more visible result. Potentially irritating, bleaching cream requires a test before use if you have sensitive skin and is not recommended during pregnancy.


Mustache waxing

Waxing remains a quick and effective solution to get rid of the hairs that crown the upper lip. However, Nina Roos warns against a few bad habits: “waxing is not recommended for sensitive skins. In addition, do not use a wax that is too hot to avoid any risk of burning, especially if you have dark skin. In the sun, burns can turn into brown spots and mark the skin more or less temporarily. The best solution is therefore to use cold wax or to go to an institute to entrust this to a professional.

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Mustache threading

Carried out by well-trained hands, threading the mustache is a good technique, comparable to waxing since it tears the hair at the root and allows several to be removed at the same time. Very popular for the face, this Indian method allows particularly precise hair removal, in addition to excluding any risk of burns or irritation.

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Laser mustache hair removal

To permanently get rid of down in the upper lip, nothing like laser hair removal. Provided you meet all the conditions. “The ideal candidate is a woman over 20 (the hormonal balance must be done) with fairly thick black hair and a fair complexion. The laser has the advantage of synchronizing the hairs. After a first session (just before which you must have shaved the hairs), the hairs take a month and a half to grow back. The sessions are generally scheduled every six weeks for a total of six to eight sessions depending on the hairiness and the level of requirement of the client”, explains our dermatologist.

Watch out for hormonal imbalance

Some women have hormonal issues that stimulate facial hair growth. “It still concerns 10% of women,” says our expert. In case of excessive facial hair (upper lip but also chin or cheeks), do not hesitate to seek the advice of your dermatologist who will answer all questions and prescribe a hormonal assessment.


On an area as sensitive as the top of the lips, the use of razors and other depilatory creams is strongly discouraged. “This stimulates growth, thickens the down and extends the area of ​​hair beyond the mustache”, explains Nina Roos, dermatologist. And to add: “For a brunette who has a little fluff, the razor is certainly not the solution. Recent tutorials, where beauty YouTubers have been seen shaving their faces claiming it makes skin look brighter and makes makeup easier to apply, are pretty devastating. Shaving does not make the skin more beautiful or softer. »

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