Micro-scanning, the new coloring technique for the summer

Updated on June 02, 2022 at 3:43 p.m.

Micro-scanning, the new coloring technique for the summer

Micro-scanning, the new coloring technique for the summer – © IMAXTREE

More subtle than classic sweeping, micro-sweeping is slowly but surely starting to make its mark among summer hair colors.

Few beautistas have resisted the call of balayage in recent years. This technique, which has the effect of lightening the natural base, is one of the most popular in hairdressing salons. While many trends, like the ” Rogue Hair ” or the most popular blonde of the 2000s, (re) are emerging on Instagram, the sweep remains one of the most requested methods. It must be said that this technique is one of the best ways to obtain a real hair change without distorting the hair. By small touches, and on fine locks, the hairdresser applies his product and leaves it in the open air until the hair oxidizes. Once the hair is dried, there are pretty reflections of the desired color. For this new decade, classic sweeping is reinvented.

Micro-scanning, késako?

Halfway between a tie’n’dye and a scanning, the micro sweep subtly emphasizes lengths and ends. As its name suggests, here it is a question of coloring several small locks for a more than natural effect. The idea? Bring a touch of light down the hair. A “back from vacation” effect when the sun has naturally lightened our hair. If we tend to think of blondes when it comes to balayage, dark hair can also opt for golden, copper, caramel or chocolate highlights thanks to micro-balayage. So, shall we get started?

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