Megan Fox changes her mind once again by opting for this trendy color

Published on October 27, 2022 at 11:38 am

Megan Fox

Megan Fox – ©Mith Stephen/SPUS/ABACA

After swapping her iconic brown hair for a polar blonde, the actress succumbed to a very autumnal color: the “pumpkin spice hair”.

Megan Fox never ceases to surprise us. After having caused a sensation by swapping his brown mane for a polar blonde, the sublime actress has once again changed her hair color. And this time, it’s a trend popularized a few seasons ago that she’s putting back on the beauty scene: the ” pumpkin spice hair “. Named in reference to the famous drink of the same name, this trendy color is a subtle red that mixes coppery, amber and caramel hues. As always, the professional behind this hair change is none other than Dimitris Giannetos, the star’s favorite hair stylist.

Pumpkin spice hair: for whom?

The strong point of this color? Its countless shades that adapt to all hair types and skin tones. Whether you want to completely change your look or simply enhance your natural color with pretty red, honey or caramel highlights, there is a shade of “pumpkin spice hair” made for you! For fair skin, colorists recommend favoring copper, orange or Venetian blond hues, and moving towards amber, honey or mahogany when you have mixed or black skin. On blondes and light browns, the “pumpkin spice hair” is particularly harmonious when it swings between shades of orange, strawberry blond and rose gold. Brunettes, on the other hand, will opt for copper, auburn or caramel shades with golden highlights.

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