Meetings with the participation of the Cameroon team that we cannot forget

The biggest victory that was obtained by the Cameroonian football team was on April 7, 1965 in the match against Chad (ending with the score 9-0). For football fans, the best sports betting site is 1xBet which they use to predict the results of the matches in which this national football team takes part.

Yet, throughout its history, the Cameroon football team has taken part in many encounters that are impossible to ignore. Among them it is possible to indicate the following:

  • the first victory of the African Cup of Nations in 1984 – the final match of March 18, 1984 when the Cameroon team beat Nigeria with the score 3-1;

  • the first big success during the Olympic Games in 2000 – the September 30 final match against Spain which the Cameroonian team won with the score 2-2 and 5-3 on penalties;

  • one of several CAN victories – the final match on February 5, 2017 against Egypt which was won by the Cameroon team with the score 1-2.

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Who among the members of the national football team has distinguished themselves more than the others?

Regarding the first great success of the Cameroonian national team at the CAN in 1984, it should be noted that it scored 3 goals in total. It is possible to bet online at on all matches occurring within the framework of the African Cup of Nations online at any time. These three goals were scored by N’Djeya (32nd minute), Abega (79th minute) and Ebongué (84th minute).

During the match during the Olympic Games there were six scorers in total:

Speaking of the final match that allowed the Cameroon national team to win the CAN in 2017, it should be noted that there were two scorers. The first goal was scored by Cameroonian defender Nicolas Nkoulou in the 59th minute of this game. The second goal was scored by Cameroonian-born striker Vincent Aboubakar in the 88th minute of this final football match on February 5, 2017. Nowadays, on 1xBet there is the possibility of bet online on the meetings in which the national team of Cameroon takes part successfully.

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