Make-up with fruit, the new wacky trend on social networks

Published on July 22, 2022 at 4:52 p.m.

Make-up with fruit, the new wacky trend on social networks

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Make an entire make-up using only fruit? This is the new challenge that invades TikTok.

Who would have thought one day that a banana could be used as eyeliner? Certainly not us! On TikTok, beauty trends follow each other and are not alike. The latest? Make up with fruits. This new phenomenon, a bit wacky, is called the Fruit Makeup Challenge and has already accumulated more than nine million views on the favorite platform of Generation Z. It was launched by a Ukrainian user (@molchanovamua): on a video liked more 600,000 times, she can be seen using a banana as an eyebrow pencil and eyeliner, then a cherry for blush and finally biting into a blackberry to adorn her lips and eyelids with pink. If the idea is obviously surprising, we must admit that the result is rather successful: a fresh and very summery makeup. However, the story does not say if it lasts well throughout the day.

@molchanovamua Reply to @.smilte_slays ♬ Breathe Jordan Nash – Jordan Nash

The challenge takes hold of TikTok

It was enough for the trend to gain ground. On TikTok, videos of Internet users trying out the Fruit Makeup Challenge are multiplying. And to achieve it, everyone has their own version: if some use cherries on the eyelids as well, others use bananas to make lip contouring. A few follow @molchanovamua’s guidelines to the letter. In all the videos, the result remains natural and will delight fans of “no makeup, makeup”. We almost want to try the experiment, don’t you?

@gabxxrielle Im impressed ib: @@molchanovamua #fruitmakeupchallenge ♬ original sound – &lt3
@mireyarios Fruit makeup challenge vc @@molchanovamua #fruitmakeupchallengea#bananaeyelinerb#cherry#cherry#cherrymakeup #tiktokmademedoitk#tiktokmademetryitt#doingmymakeup##usin ♬ original sound – Mireya Rios

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