Madonna: return to her most legendary hairstyles

Time goes by so slowly… » (Time passes so slowly…) This refrain, Madonna sang it loudly and yet she is already celebrating her 64th birthday! With more than 40 years of career, the pop star – whose legend says that she arrived in New York in 1978 with 35 dollars in her pocket – has continued to shape her aura over the decades. A living icon who has established herself through her heady hits and her recurring head changes. Because if the Madonna marked entire generations with her songs, she was also at the origin of many trends with hairstyles iconic. As soon as displayed, immediately copied! Guided by a single mantra, that of being herself, Madonna has punctuated the eras of powerful beauty looks. Their common points? Originality, provocation, seduction and glamour. Erected as a true muse of modern times, she has inspired the greatest creators but also the hairstylists who have worked to build her myth. If we especially remember the peroxidized blonde Madonna, the singer – originally brunette – is a character in her own right. Her more or less extravagant hairstyles participated in the various roles that she gave birth to over her hits. Whether in her music videos, to walk the red carpet or in everyday life, she has gone from long to short and has tested a whole range of colorings much to the delight of his fans. Incendiary brunette, polar blonde, permed hair, straightened lengths: a look back at Madonna’s most beautiful hairstyles, which continues to fascinate. Get into the groove!

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