Louane: she is back with this ultra-trendy color for the summer

Published on July 04, 2022 at 10:13 a.m.

Louane: she is back with this ultra-trendy color for the summer

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Invited to the Paco Rabanne fashion show, Louane displayed herself with pink hair. A coloring that she has not stopped adopting for several years.

Louane recurred. Invited to the Paco Rabanne parade, the singer took advantage of this event to swap her blonde hair for a pink color. “Did I dye my hair pink again?” “, she quipped in her Instagram story by revealing her new hair. It would seem that his lifelong friend and hairdresser, Rudy Marmet, is behind this summer transformation. It must be said that for years, Louane regularly flirts with this audacious color. First in 2020, then in 2021 but also last January. The interpreter of “Give me your heart” oscillates between several beauty enhancements. Total coloring, small streaks or pink balayage… Louane dares and we love it! On the make-up side, the young woman proves how much she is on the way to becoming a true icon. After her ultra-trendy neon green eyeliner, the singer dressed up her new coloring with two graphic eyeliner strokes. A festive make-up created by make-up artist Lyana Kantsalieva.

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3 reasons to adopt pink like Louane

Because it’s stylish… From punk to chic, pink hair have become trendy. Proof of this is that celebrities regularly adopt this coloring. During confinement, many of them took action. Today, pink symbolizes creativity, originality and style.

PTo enhance your complexion… Rather reserved for blondes, pink coloring is recommended for all fair skin. Pink is ideal for highlighting a diaphanous complexion.

Because it’s temporary… For an evening, a festival or the time of a summer, the pink coloring is adopted regularly in an ephemeral way. We opt for colorings that fade or bombs for hair. The opportunity to change your mind without regret.

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