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Published on November 27, 2022 at 12:00



Regularly, and especially during periods of stress, lack of sleep or overeating (and it shows on my face!) I go into detox mode… of the face! For that, I have three infallible techniques, you follow me?

My homemade scrub

To celebrate the weekend, I like to take the time to make my little face scrub.

I find it super satisfying to only use raw and organic products that I find in my kitchen cupboards rather than making a cosmetic purchase! Result: no waste and space saving!!!

My little recipe:

– I mix a vegetable oil (my personal favorite for this mixture is coconut) with fine sugar. I add a hint of cinnamon for the smell and for its mattifying side. I also sometimes replace the oil with honey when I feel that my skin is tight or inflamed!

– I mix everything in a small bowl and I perform circular massages on my face with this small preparation. Above all, I don’t rub too hard, very gently!

– I leave it on for 10 minutes without licking my lips too much (it’s so good, and it’s so delicious that I could eat it all!)

– I rinse with lukewarm water (for comfort) and I finish with a jet of cold water (to tighten the pores) then I apply my serum and my day cream or oil.

New skin guaranteed!!!

My aromatic steam bath

When I’ve felt a lot of tension during the week or when I’ve been around polluted places (which is often the case since I spend my weeks in Paris by bike), I love to really unclog the pores of my skin with a small face sauna !

– I boil water in a saucepan

– I add a few drops of lavender essential oils to rebalance my combination skin and to bring me a real bowl of zen (for a cool double kiss effect you can also add eucalyptus or thyme HE to unclog your airways and ward off winter rum)!

– I sit in super comfort mode on my sofa and I place my face for 10 minutes above the steam, with a towel over my head for even more efficiency.

– I take deep breaths trying to clear my mind. I imagine my stressful thoughts escaping with each exhalation.

– Once the water has become lukewarm, I pass my skin in scan mode in front of the mirror to eliminate the blackheads that show up, then I apply a thick layer of mask or cream to deeply nourish my skin.

I love this ritual that cleanses my face as much as my mind!

My self-massage

The goal? Boost blood circulation with quick massage and superficial.

The blood flow to the skin will give a healthy glow in a few minutes and reveal your glow!

– I apply vegetable oil to my face (jojoba, carrot, pomegranate, buriti…).

– I tap with the pulp of my fingers the whole of the face as one plays on a piano, during at least 30s.

– I play castanets: I use the middle and ring fingers for this massage. I fold them (until I touch my palm) and stretch them back and forth, patting the skin. I walk like this all over my face for at least another 30s.

– I feel a kind of overheating, it’s a good sign, it circulates well under my skin, the self-cleaning has started!

To go further, I recommend my book “My facial beauty challenge” published by First, filled with exercises to always look great.

So, decided to have the most beautiful glow of winter?

See you soon !

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