Laury Thilleman’s column: how I take care of my breasts!

Published on August 21, 2022 at 12:00

© Arelix / iStock

© Arelix / iStock

Our breasts also deserve their little fitness program, don’t you think? Because it is possible to deviate (a little) the law of attraction and also because the skin of our breasts turns out to be particularly thin and fragile, I am giving you my tips for always having pretty boobs!

Good hydration

The skin of our breasts turns out to be thinner than that of our face. It is also subject to the friction of the bra and the “sloshing” of the breasts. To delay the onset of wrinkles and avoid having a wrinkled granny neckline, it is important to moisturize the entire chest!

1) I apply a thick layer of face cream to the décolletage and breasts every day.

2) To eliminate dead cells and allow the cream to penetrate the skin well, I regularly exfoliate my chest lightly with a suitable exfoliant.

Massage and balneotherapy treatment

3) I pass a large jet of cold water on my chest each time I shower to tighten the fabrics. (yes yes screaming!). I finish with a few light tappings made with the fingertips to promote blood circulation.

My special chest gym

4) Join your two hands (in the manner of a prayer) and position them in front of your chest. Pressing them together works your pecs. Perform 5 presses of 10 seconds each.

5) Lie on your stomach and pull your legs up, grabbing your ankles with your hands. Hold the position for 20 seconds, and repeat the exercise 3 times.

6) Push-ups will allow you to develop your pecs (you can do them on your knees!) Do 2 sets of 10 push-ups.

The pen test

To see if your breasts need firming up, take the pen test. It is enough to put a horizontal pen under the breasts. If it falls, your chest is high! In any case, the practice of a few daily exercises can maintain this position or firm the breasts if they tend to sag.

The good idea

Do you know that spending a few days without a bra from time to time will help you firm up your muscles and therefore lift your breasts? Contrary to popular belief ! So start the trend of free boobs days!

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