Lady Diana: this forbidden varnish that she wore after her breakup with Charles

Published on November 30, 2022 at 8:25 am

Lady Diana

Lady Diana – ©Alamy/ABACA

Once freed from the dictates of the monarchy, Lady Di abandoned her nude manicure in favor of this controversial varnish color.

Since November 9, season 5 of “ The Crown in full swing on the Netflix platform. Highly anticipated by fans, this season focuses on the 1990s and the many scandals that have plagued the monarchy, starting with the highly publicized divorce of Charles and Diana. If the young princess has long complied with the rules of conduct imposed by the royal family, such as the prohibition to wear anything other than neutral nail polish, she has gradually freed herself from the dictates of the monarchy. Indeed, we remember in particular her very noticeable appearance during the charity evening given by the magazine Vanity Fair on June 29, 1994, where the princess, in the midst of divorce proceedings with Prince Charles, caused a sensation with her famous “ revenge dress and her scarlet red manicure.


A symbolic color

Much more than just a color of nail polish, the red manicure sported by Lady Di has become a real symbol. Prohibited by protocol, this beauty treatment deemed “vulgar” by Queen Elizabeth II, marks the beginning of Diana Spencer’s independence and new life. Indeed, this color which evokes power and passion, marks the big day of his break with the monarchy, and sends a clear message to Prince Charles. It was indeed that same evening that the latter spoke on television and declared that he had had an extra-marital relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles. A detail that 25 years after the disappearance of the princess of the people continues to mark the spirits…

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