Lady Diana: 10 times she made us want to cut everything

Diana made short haircut his signature. It is at the end of adolescence that the future princess adopts this length which she will keep throughout her adult life. Enhanced with a luminous blonde, this hairstyle which frames her face, clears her head carriage. With Princess Diana, the pixie cut does not rhyme with monotony. Sometimes smooth, sometimes sublimated by a brushing, or upgraded by a crown of flowers, it twists it like no one else.

Diana Spencer think outside the box and try bold hairstyles. Thus she appears with a wet hair during the CFDA of 1995. Sam McKnight behind this beauty look explained the origin to the “Daily Telegraph”: “I liked to see Diana in all her spontaneity” […] “She was very beautiful when she came back from sports with freshly washed hair that was still damp… So we decided to try that for a look in public”. In charge of the beauty of his hair in the 90s, the hairstylist is also at the origin of this pixie cut. It was during a shoot thathe offers her to touch up her lengths. “Fox News” reports her comments: “I made the hair look shorter by hiding it in the tiara, and she liked it” […] “I suggested cutting it short, and to my surprise she agreed, and we cut everything right away.” A hairstyle that he made by taking the edge of the tiara in delimitation.

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