Kim Kardashian Rehabilitates This Hairstyle From Our Teenage Years

Published on August 25, 2022 at 4:39 p.m.

Kim Kardashian Rehabilitates This Hairstyle From Our Teenage Years

Kim Kardashian rehabs this hairstyle from our teenage years – ©Instagram @kimkardashian

On her Instagram account, the businesswoman displayed herself with a new way of doing her hair, which reminds us of the one we proudly wore as teenagers.

Like many of us, after a change in our life – and in particular a breakup – the need to change our minds is felt. We saw it recently with Emily Ratajkowski who, unlike many other newly single celebrities, has embraced post-breakup XXL extensions. It is now the turn of Kim Kardashian to reveal his own. Just separated from Pete Davidson, the businesswoman has indeed posted a photo of her new haircut whose parting on the side surprises us as much as it takes us back to a period of our adolescence.

Kim Kardashian’s side parting

This is hairstylist Chris Appleton – who recently styled Jennifer Lopez for her marriage to Ben Affleck – which is at the origin of this return to the vintage trend in the eldest of the Kardashian clan. With this side parting, letting her natural deep brown roots show through the middle of her long hair polar blonde smooth, Kim Kardashian reinstates the “sid part” with much more elegance than in our memories. She is not the only one who bet on this hairstyle. Other celebrities are also trying this trend like Lindsay Lohan or even Megan Fox. Generation Z is not to be outdone and is also learning about it: Sydney Sweeney – star of the hit series “Euphoria” – who when she adopted the square cut decided to bet on a side parting to bring more volume to her haircut.

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