Katie Holmes wears her first white hair at New York Fashion Week

Published on September 14, 2022 at 4:32 p.m.

Katie Holmes wears her first white hair at New York Fashion Week

Katie Holmes wears her first white hair at New York Fashion Week – © Peterson Christopher/Splash News/ABACA

More and more celebrities have chosen to accept their white hair. The latest? Katie Holmes. Photo.

Coming to attend the Ulla Johnson fashion show in New York, Katie Holmes showed off her gray roots. For a few months, the actress has fully assumed her first white hair and does not feel the need to hide it. Dressed in a tight fall dress, the iconic Joey in the hit series “Dawson” lent herself to the game of photographers with pride. A follower of naturalness, the actress has given up retouching for several years. She was also hailed by many Internet users after posting on her Instagram account a picture of her pregnancy stretch marks. It feels good !

© Peterson Christopher/Splash News/ABACA

Towards a gray hair revolution?

Long hidden, tracked and colored, white and/or gray hair is making a revolution. In recent years, many celebrities have taken full responsibility for their graying hair. Top of the list? Sarah Jessica Parker, Letizia from Spain, Kate Middleton or even Jane Fonda. At the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, Andie MacDowell showed off her salt-and-pepper hair causing a torrent of compliments on social networks. Same observation for the iconic Carry Bradshaw. Asked about it by the magazine “Allure”, the actress did not mince her words: “For months and months, everyone told me about how brave I was to show my White hair. I said to them: “Please, please applaud someone who really had courage”. If for the star to assume her white hair is not an “act of bravery”, the injunctions related to the physical are still (too) numerous. In Canada, a presenter was fired because of her gray hair. 58-year-old Lisa LaFlamme decided to leave her hair natural after confinement. A decision that would have no more to his employer. Proof that there is still a long way to go…

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