Kate Moss and her daughter Lila swear by this famous lip treatment

Published on October 17, 2022 at 10:41 am

Kate and Lila Moss

Kate and Lila Moss – Johns PKI/Splash News/ABACA

To take care of their mouths, mothers and daughters love this sleeping mask straight from Korea.

Generally, it is the mothers who pass on their best-kept beauty advice to their daughters. But today, it is not uncommon for the roles to be reversed and for the youngest to share their discoveries with their elders. This is the case of Kate Moss and his daughter Lila. In a YouTube Beauty Secrets video published by the British version of “Vogue” magazine, Kate Moss revealed the name of the lip care that never leaves her “This is Laneige, Lila told me about it, it’s a mask of night and he is so good. The star is obviously referring to the korean brand Laneige lip sleep mask.

A product acclaimed by many celebrities

Kate and Lila Moss aren’t the only ones to use this famous lip mask. Gigi Hadid and actress Nicolas Peltz are also unconditional fans. Indeed, this balm straight from Korea combines good deeds. Infused with the brand’s ‘Moisture Wrap’ technology and a ‘Berry Mix’ complex, this treatment will ensure you wake up to plumped, perfectly hydrated lips. In addition to acting at night, the Laneige mask can be used throughout the day to give a little boost to the mouth. Just apply a very thin layer to bare lips or over your lipstick. What to face the winter which arrives with brio.

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