Joe Jonas: he breaks the taboo of injections in men

Published on August 18, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

Joe Jonas: he breaks the taboo of injections in men

Joe Jonas: he’s breaking the taboo of male injections – ©Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Becoming the face of Xeomin Aesthetic anti-aging injectables, Joe Jonas spoke about the injections he used. A speech that breaks the taboo.

crow’s feet, frown lines… As time passes, some fear skin aging (yet inevitable). Faced with this problem, many solutions exist. Among them, the injections. While the discourse is changing and speaking is becoming more free among many women – famous or not – on the men’s side, the question still remains taboo.
Joe Jonas, singer and member of the group “Jonas Brothers”, has decided to go against this principle and free the floor regarding his own injections of Xeomin.

Joe Jonas: “the confidence boost I was looking for”

Afraid of aging or not? One thing is certain for Joe Jonas, the anti-aging injections were a perfect solution to get “the confidence boost” he wanted to regain. In any case, this is what he explains to the American magazine “ pace “I started using Xeomin when I noticed that the frown lines were starting to multiply,” he says.

Now the face of the Xeomin Aesthetic brand, Joe Jonas wishes to speak freely on the subject. “It’s becoming more common and there’s less negative connotation that accompanies these kinds of procedures and skincare,” he explains. It’s something I’m glad we’re discussing openly without feeling like it’s a big secret to people.” The star even goes so far as to advocate the end of shyness on this subject before specifying that she understands that others wish to remain discreet.

Xeomin or Botox: what’s the difference?

The Xeomin, like the botox, is an injectable treatment that is commonly used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. According to dermatologist Paul Jarrod Franck, interviewed by the magazine, the factor that differentiates the two products is their formulation. Indeed, Xeomin is a “more purified form of the molecule, receiving a double filtration process to remove some of the accessory proteins that are attached to the molecule”. Proteins which, according to the expert, would help promote side effects such as “headaches and certain flu symptoms”. He also adds that compared to Botox, Xeomin would have a less “frozen” effect on the face.

In order to use this type of treatment, it is essential to go to a specialized clinic.

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